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P-LTX387Bulb - Morley, Effects Pedals Replacement

AML387 incandescent light bulb, T-1 3/4 midget flanged, miniature lamp. Great replacement for Morley. Specifications:

  • Design Volts: 28.0
  • Design Amps: .04
  • Candle Power: .30
  • Filament Shape: C-2F
  • Average Life (Hours): 7,000

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R-VPC01Photo Cell - Morley, for Effects Pedals

Photocell for Morley effects pedals. Great replacement for LDR1, LDR2 and LDR3 (M79-211564-000) in Morley Pro Series Volume PVO. Sold individually.

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P-H16-150Bumper - Morley, tapered rubber feet, self adhesive (Package of 20)

Small tapered rubber feet with self-adhesive backing (package of 20). Can be used to provide grip and slight elevation (about 0.14") when secured to most project enclosures. Great for effects pedals and rack mount units when removed from the rack.

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M-GLW2Effects Pedal - Morley, George Lynch Dragon 2, Wah
This second Wah offering from George Lynch and Morley is a switchless, Electro-Optical Wah with THREE Wah modes: Wah (traditional), Wow (bit of overdrive with unique vowel-like tone) and Wah Lock (allows user to electronically lock the Wah in Wah mode. A NOTCH knob allows you to dial in the appropriate Wah frequency. Decked out in Ninja Red with black details and a unique Graphic Treadle Rubber. Suitable for Guitar, Bass or Keys
  • Switchless and electro-optical (no potentiometers to get scratchy or wear out)
  • Three Wah modes: Wah, Wah Lock, and WOW - great for heavily distorted tones
  • Loudness control for both Wah modes
  • New Wah lock switch to electronically lock Wah into Wah mode.
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