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P-ECB-590Screws - Dunlop/MXR housing screws package of 4
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P-ECB-67Knob - Dunlop/MXR small knurled aluminum knob
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P-ECB-78Pot - Dunlop 10K linear potentiometer
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P-H501-AFootswitch - Triple Pole, Double Throw (3PDT), Blue
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K-978Kit - The Step Ladder, Passive Input Attenuator Pedal Kit, MOD Kits DIY
The Step Ladder is a passive input attenuator using high quality components for excellent reliability. True-bypass mode provides the maximum signal level. The attenuator pot and two toggle switches allow for flexibility in the amount of signal attenuation when not in bypass mode. Treble bleed capacitors in the circuit retain crisp high frequencies even at maximum attenuation.
The Step Ladder is ideal for anything from getting a slight boost while playing single-note acoustic guitar leads or for jumping from clean to overdrive in a high-gain electric guitar amp.
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P-H1590VBox - Hammond, Unpainted Aluminum, 4.70" x 4.70" x 3.54" Depth
  • Rugged, diecast aluminum alloy (tough yet easy to machine), electronic instrument enclosure.
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water. Also provides for improved EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Vibra finished for a smooth surface with no sharp edges.
  • Four 6-32 x ½" machine screws secure lid - into tapped holes.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • Low side wall draft angle (2 degrees or less) for easy P.C.
Special Order Item
Please Contact us or call us at 480.820.5411 to order this item.
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(13 pages)
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