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Effects Pedal Kit - MOD® Kits, The Wahtz, Wah

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Effects Pedal Kit - MOD® Kits, The Wahtz, Wah image 1Effects Pedal Kit - MOD® Kits, The Wahtz, Wah image 2Effects Pedal Kit - MOD® Kits, The Wahtz, Wah image 3
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SKU: K-985
Item ID: 010033
Price: $109.95
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The Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit produces the classic Wah tone you've come expect with a hint of extra bite and growl.

True bypass switching insures no loss of signal when the Wah effect is not engaged; and the long life potentiometer manufactured specifically for use in Wah pedals is included to provide years of smooth, quiet operation.

Point to point construction allows advanced kit builders to easily experiment with modifications to further tailor the tone to more individual tastes.

MOD® Kits and Assemblies are designed to give novice and experienced musicians the opportunity to build or modify their own amps, effects pedals and guitars. All kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and use point-to-point wiring. All effect pedals and amplifiers come with a pre-drilled enclosure and all necessary parts are included. All you need to provide are hand tools, a soldering iron and solder. The effect pedal operates on a 9V battery; for a longer lasting option, a 9-volt adapter can be purchased separately. The Godlyke 9-volt adapter (M-PAS-S) may be purchased separately to power your new pedal.

UPC/EAN: 609722165563
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5 out of 5

Great kit! Face it though, for the cost you're not going to buy this because its cheap - new factory built equivalents will cost almost exactly the same. If, on the other hand, your goal is to fine-tune your wah and get it just the way you want it, including duplicating as closely as possible the old-school, "classic" wahs, then this is the only practical option you have. Built point-to-point via terminal strips, some may find durability in a touring environment to be a concern, while others will appreciate the authenticity. The mechanicals (cast aluminum chassis) are excellent! My suggestions for customization: 1. Check the MODkits website for the LED mod and order those parts with the kit. Easy to add, way nicer to use 2. Consider also ordering one or both of the Fasel inductors to experiment with - they make a significant difference. 3. For sure order the Powerall 9v adapter - mine had a horrendous noise problem associated with the 9v battery clip for some reason. Once I removed it the noise went away, so I always run with the adapter now. 4. Two simple mods to improve the working "wah" range of the pedal - sub a 2.2k resistor for the 1.5k connected to the base of Q1, and connect the wah pot to ground through a 20K resistor instead of the direct connection as shown in the schematic.

- January 24th, 2015

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