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EL156 - China, Octal Base

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EL156 - Chinese Inspection Condition:

  • Filament Voltage = 6.3 V
  • Filament Current = 1.9 A
  • Plate Voltage = 440 V
  • Plate Current = 100 mA
  • Screen Grid Voltage = 350 V
  • Screen Grid Current = 16 mA
  • Control Grid Voltage = S-bias
  • Load Resistance = 4000 ohms
  • Transconductance = 13.0 mA/V
  • Maximum Data:
  • Plate Voltage = 800 V
  • Screen Grid Voltage = 450 V
  • Plate Power = 50 W
  • Screen Grid Power = 8 W
  • Cathode Current = 180 mA

UPC/EAN: 609722124812

RoHS Compliant

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3.00 out of 5 based on 1 reviews

Compared to a real EL156? I don't know why I am giving it two stars let alone 3. The real EL156 is a 60,000 hour rated cinema, and studio reference amp valve developed by Telefunken. Shu Guang did okay, but the tone & longevity just is not there, and you will need to swap out your 10 pin European sockets for octal sockets. Good luck ramming 880 volts into these too. I have real Telefunkens and a Telefunken 100 watt per ref amp. These sounded okay in it, but the Telefunkens are hands down, way better. These do not cost $600 a pair, either, so ..... Good luck finding transformers to run these, if you want to build an amp that uses them. I have a cathode biased 88 watt Twin that used 1 pair with 640 volts on the plates and 10K5 CT OT. The transformers were made by Edcor, and the amp sounds great. The Chinese EL156s are a different flavor than the German ones, and they fare okay, until I made a fixed bias amp with 8700 ohms CT @ 840 volts anode to produce 150 watts from a single pair with 3 pairs each running its own cab with two 18" bass speakers, and a horn. I took the Telefunkens out to sell it. It goes through these Chinese valves every 6 months or so, but it is stupid loud. If I were comparing these to Telfunkens they might get half a star. There is nothing else to compare these with. Hammond made a 300 watt OT that will work, if you use 3,6, or 12 speakers, and run into the 11-12 ohms into a 2 ohm tap. Sterling made OTs for the EL156. Those are 150 watt hi fi OTs. An SVT OT will also work with 6 or 12 speakers. The Chinese El156 valves hold up better than expected. - March 27th, 2015

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