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Enclosure - Wah Pedal Shell and Hardware

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Wah pedal enclosure, bottom, and foot-pedal shell and hardware. Enclosure shell & foot pedal are cast aluminum.


  • 1 × Rack Assembly
    • 1 × Rack
    • 1 × Small screw
    • 1 × Hex nut
    • 3 × Lock washer
    • 1 × Rack mount
    • 1 × Rack tensioner
    • 3 × Self-tapping screws
  • 1 × Center pillow block & tension adjustment screw
  • 1 × Bearing pin
  • 1 × Treadle
  • 1 × Wah Base
  • 1 × Bottom Cover
  • 4 × Rubber feet with mounting screws
  • 1 × L-bracket with mounting screws
  • 1 × Countersunk screw with nut (for mounting circuit boards)
  • 1 × Gear for potentiometer (if not included with wah pot)
UPC/EAN: 609722154543
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Specifications, Files, and Documents

Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
5 out of 5

At first I was not thrilled with this, but considering most people are not equipped to drive out roll pins, I will let the screw on parts slide. The only complaint I have is, how many sharp edges there are on the casting bosses inside the enclosure, and the poor attempt to grind them smooth. A little thread lock and so far mine are holding up well. I put some Tite Fit boxes in front of one of these and a long one down the side, so I have a Fuzz Face wah combo with Q, dwell and freq peak adjustments. I used double face 3M gum adhesive, on a roll, to adhere the rubber parts and they are not coming off, ever. The wire clamp is a little cheesy, but it just holds the rack against the pinion, and these have a screw that adjusts the rocker tension, so Kudos on that one! Its about time someone made a wah/volume/panning/tone/univibe speed control/tremolo speed control/other control rocker pedal case. I used TAD blemish pedals for my Univibe clones. Shipping from Germany for a flawed product? These are a much better value. Watch out for sharp casting flashing, and be prepared to use a little emory cloth or sand paper here and there to knock off a few sharp edges on those circular shaped casting bits inside the pedals. Remember to wash off the mold release. If you clean these up real good and wipe them down with paint thinner then alcohol, they will take wrinkle paint really well. They will also take hammertone paint well too. The holes are for, "THE GOOD PARTS" like Switchcraft, not the cheesy cheapo parts! GOOD CHOICE ANTIQUE!

- April 1st, 2015

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