Grill Cloth, Tolex & Piping

Your amp sounds great, make sure it looks great too!
Grill Cloth - Beige / Brown, Gold Stripe, 59" Wide
Beige / brown grill cloth with large gold striping. 59" wide. Sold per yard.
Sold by the yard
Grill Cloth - Tan / Brown Wheat, 34" Wide
Tan/Brown, wheat, Fender style grill cloth. Due to the constraints of mechanical reproduction, colors are not completely accurate.
Sold by the yard
Grill Cloth - Oxblood red, 36" Wide
Vintage stlye oxblood grill cloth. Similar to the original grill cloth used on the earliest tweed Fender® amplifiers.
Sold by the yard
Tolex - Sand / Tan Bronco, 54" Wide
Sand / tan bronco tolex. Sold per yard. 54" wide. Product will be in one continuous segment, cut to the ordered length.
Sold by the yard