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P-GKLU-SLNDRButton - Kluson, Pearloid Keystone Double Ring, for Machine Head
Double ring. Replacement color-correct Keystone (tulip) press-on button for Kluson® tuning machines. Correct for vintage applications. Sold individually.
See P-GKLU-SLN for single ring.
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P-GKLU-MBG65XTuner Bushings - for Gibson®
Colors Available:
Replacement bushings for Gibson® headstocks with 8.85mm outside diameter and 6.35mm inside diameter
These Kluson® replacement push-in bushings are designed to appear like current Gibson® production with the more rounded flange. Same mounting specs as the bushings that accompany the current Kluson® production tuning machines so they will easily replace similar bushings with the same spec requirements listed below.
  • Inside Diameter: 6.48mm
  • Outside Diameter: 8.85mm
Starting at $6.29
You save: 25%
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P-GKLU-KLP11XAnchor Bushings - Kluson, Clear Zinc, package of 2
Multiple Options Available
Made in U.S. vintage anchor bushings. Heavy knurl with vintage spec standard stoptail anchor bushings, in clear zinc.
This Kluson® standard stop bar tailpiece anchor bushing is made from zinc, has fine knurling for easy installation and fits most guitars. Sold separately from studs.
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P-GKLU-KLP1800XKnob pointer - Kluson, 90 degree blunt tip
Colors Available:
Sold individually. Kluson® vintage 90 degree blunt tip pointer washer made from steel. This is a replacement for instruments requiring the vintage correct appearance of the pointer washer under the knobs.
Starting at $0.75
You save: 21%
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P-GKLU-KLP1731CPickguard bracket - Kluson, Les Paul, Brass Chrome
This new Kluson® pickguard mounting bracket is a direct replacement for contemporary Gibson® Les Paul® guitars. It is USA made component with high quality plating to the standards you would expect for your guitar. Slight differences include the adjustment slot having rounded ends instead of the original square cut slot and a slight difference in width from the historic version. Mounting hardware included.
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P-GKLU-KLP1800X-8Knob pointer - Kluson, 90 degree blunt tip, Steel, package of 8
Colors Available:
Kluson® vintage 90 degree blunt tip pointer washer made from steel. This is a replacement for instruments requiring the vintage correct appearance of the pointer washer under the knobs.
Multiple color options available.
Starting at $7.35
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P-GKLU-KLTP-XTailpiece - Kluson, Trapeze
Colors Available:

This is the recreation of the popular Kluson® #9 tailpiece. This particular model tailpiece was preferred for many vintage era arch-top guitar builds and is still one of the best choices available today. Fits large archtop instruments with a rim thickness of 2-7/8 in. or more. Machined brass. Overall length: 5 in. Crossbar: 3-1/4 in. String spread at crossbar: 2-3/16 in.

Starting at $37.07
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P-GT10XBushings - Kluson, ¼" bushings, set of 6
Colors Available:
Adapter bushings to retrofit US 1/4 inch post Kluson tuners in a headstock drilled for modern die cast tuners. Nickel plating. Set of 6.
These Kluson® steel replacement - adapter bushings are intended for use in converting a modern 10mm drilled headstock to accept a vintage Kluson stamped steel tuning machines with the original US 1/4 inch string post diameter. Many repair shops use these to convert a vintage instrument back to original peg head specs.
  • Outside diameter: 9.98mm
  • Inside diameter: 1/4 inch (about 6.35mm)
Starting at $6.30
You save: 16%
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P-GKLU-KLP1273NBridge - Kluson, ABR-1, Nonwired Nylon Saddles, Nickel

Made in U.S. Vintage spec ABR-1 bridge. Non-wired. Hardware included. This is the Kluson ABR-1 bridge with nylon saddles. True to specs like the original with no retaining wire. The saddles are held in place with a combination of string tension and the intonation screw end fitting into the frame. Adjustable in height with thumbwheels and threaded rod that uses no body inserts just like the originals!

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P-GKLU-KTS9105MNTuning Machine - Kluson Supreme, Oval Buttons, 6/Line, Nickel
The new Kluson® Supreme series tuners have an 18:1 gear ratio in the traditional stamped steel housing. Designed for use on headstocks using vintage style press fit bushings. Mounting screws and bushings included.
  • 6-in-line orientation
  • Metal,oval button
  • Safety post
  • Precise 18:1 gear ratio
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