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Guitars can lead a rough life and replacement parts can bring your axe to like new condition. But did you know that you can also change components to achieve different sounds? The options are endless!

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P-GTAST-IInserts - Fender®, for American standard tremolo, set of 2
Original Fender® inserts for American Standard Tremolo, set of 2.
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P-GTBS-AMBridge saddle - Fender®, for American Stratocaster, 6 pieces

Fender® replacement American Series bridge saddles (6 saddles). Springs and screws included.

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P-GTBSH-VBushings - Fender®, vintage tuning key, 6 pieces, nickel
Fender® replacement tuning key bushings
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P-GTMH02Tuner - Fender®, 70s "F" style

"F" Style tuners as used on 1970s Fender® guitars, 6-in-a-line. Hardware included.

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P-GTNN05Nut - Brass, for Fender
This brass nut blank will work for most Fender® and similar style guitars and basses. It is NOT slotted and does require final shaping and fitting to exact size.
  • Thickness = 9/64 inches (3.47mm)
  • Flat Bottom Length = 1 11/16 inches (43 mm)
  • Height at ends = 13/64 inches (5.25mm)
  • Height at middle = 15/64 inches (6mm)
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P-GTNP-4C-FND-3Neck Plate - Fender®, for American Standard Bass, Chrome

Original Fender® neck plate for American bass, 4 bolt, chrome.

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P-GTREMSETTERTremsetter - Hipshot, automatic
The Tremsetter greatly improves guitar performance by automatically returning your full floating tremolo to an exact "zero" neutral position, eliminating flutter and sag, so your guitar remains in tune. You can bend strings, play bridge harmonics, aggressive rhythm parts or mute strings and the bridge remains stable. Best of all, the Trem-Setter is total retro-fit. No need to chop up your vintage axe, just install it and play!
Includes mounting instructions.
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P-GTS-NUT-ATruss Rod Nuts - Fender®, for American Strat

Fender® truss rod nuts with allen head for American strats

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P-GTSG-STRATString guides - Fender®, for Stratocaster

Fender® Stratocaster string guides (2 pack)

String guides are also known as string trees or string retainers.

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P-PG12-SHIELDPickguard Shield - Fender®, for '62 Strat

Original Fender® pickguard hum shield for '62 Strat.

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(57 pages)
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