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P-H168Control Plate - Fender®, for Jazz Bass, Gold

4-hole, screws included.

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P-GTARM04Tremolo Arm - Fender®, Vintage Strat, Gold

With white tip, used on American Vintage Series Stratocasters.

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P-GTARM05Tremolo Arm - Fender®, Deluxe Locking, Chrome

Unthreaded pop-in, fits deluxe locking bridges.

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P-GTARM0XTremolo Arm - Fender®, Mexican Standard
Colors Available:

With white tip, for Mexican Standard Strat. Multiple color options available.

Starting at $6.25
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P-GTFSPR-AMTremolo Springs - Fender®, American Series

This spring helps set your tremolo arm in a fixed position when used with any Fender® American series or American Standard series tremolo. Simply insert spring into tremolo arm receptacle prior to installing tremolo arm. Package includes twelve tension springs. Used in Custom Shop, American Series, American Vintage, American Standard (USA), and Classic, Deluxe, and Road Worn® Series (Mexico) instruments.

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P-GTNN11Nut - Fender®, LSR Roller

LSR roller nut reduces friction that can cause tuning instability. Comes with instructions, mounting hardware and Wilkinson® adapter for older Strat® Plus models. Used on American Deluxe HSS guitars. Kit Includes: LSR Nut, Shims, Mounting Screws and Bezel Adapter (for Retrofitting to Wilkinson® Nut Equipped Guitars) Will Accommodate String Gauges from .008 to .056. Some modification may be required.

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P-GTMH08Tuner/Machine Head - Fender, Locking Tuners, Satin Chrome
Locking tuners with a chrome, satin finish that provides a sleek, modern look and is less susceptible to fingerprints and blemishes.
Package of 6.
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P-PUF62Pickup - Fender®, for Jazz Bass, Bridge

Fender® reproduces the pickup that was introduced in the early 60s, the Original Jazz Bass Pickup. Made with flush mounted AlNiCo 5 magnets and enamel coated magnet wire, the Original Jazz Bass pickups deliver the low-end growl and up front midrange punch that makes this instrument so popular. Each pickup comes with a copper shield and black covers.

On Backorder
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P-GTVS-N-LBridge - Fender®, American Vintage, for 62 Reissue Strat, Lefty

Includes: bridge assembly, claw, tremolo tension springs, tremolo arm, trem arm tip, trem arm tension spring, string tree,.050 hex adjustment wrench and and mounting screws. Chrome bridge, nickel saddles. Left-handed version.

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P-GTVT-HRBridge - Fender®, American Vintage, Hot Rod, for Tele

American Vintage "Hot Rod". Made from the highest quality materials. Comes with springs and screws.

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(15 pages)
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