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P-PUK3637Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Jazzy Joe, Side Mount Jazz, Adjustable
Colors Available:
Kent Armstrong “Jazzy Joe” jazz pickup with adjustable pole pieces, side-mount configuration.
Made in the style of Gibson’s early 1960’s Johnny Smith guitars with floating mini-humbucker pickups, this jazz pickup is perfect for use with traditional arch-top electric guitars. Its non-invasive mounting capabilities keep the guitar’s acoustic properties uninhibited.
Magnet Type = Alnico 5
Magnet Dimensions = 55mm Long x 3mm Thick x 12.5mm Wide
D.C. resistance = 7.9K (two solder lug connections on underside)
Pickup Dimensions:
7/16 in. (11.1mm) Thick – not including pole pieces
1 7/64 in.
Starting at $56.65
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P-PUL75Pickup - Lace, Bill Kelliher's Dissonant Aggressors, Chrome
Lace Sensor Bill Kelliher signature model “Dissonant Aggressors” in chrome.
(Neck and Bridge pickups included).
Designed specifically for Bill Kelliher (Mastodon) and unique to him, his “dissonant aggressors” capture the power and passion that Bill brings to the music world. His signature pickups are designed to have an increased dynamic response, sustain and articulation that cuts through all that it encounters. They are also designed to sound great in split mode.
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(8 pages)
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