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P-GTB820-ATailpiece - Les Paul, Standard Style, Chrome
Replacement chrome tailpiece for Gibson Les Paul and others. 5/16-20 x .875” studs (anchor bushings included). Made in Korea.
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P-GH-BST-CBridge - Hipshot, Supertone Bass, Chrome
Breathe new life into your Gibson bass with the new completely redesigned Hipshot SuperTone Bass Bridge. A direct replacement unit for your Gibson 3 point bass bridge that uses your existing hole pattern. Machined out of solid aircraft quality aluminum, the Hipshot SuperTone features complete adjustability that is easy to use: precise intonation, independent string height,string thru or top load option, and even side- to- side string spacing adjustment. Most important of all, TONE, PUNCH and SUSTAIN that will knock your socks off! Unleash the tone that is trapped in your bass with the new Hipshot Supertone Bass Bridge!
Metric and Standard mounting screws included.
*To achieve maximum tonal transference, the SuperTone is solidly fastened to your instrument. A very slight shadow of the bridge footprint may result.
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P-GTBS-CVTBridge Saddles - Fender®, Compensated Vintage Tele

Made from the highest quality materials, package of 3.

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P-GGT-83Tailpiece - Gotoh, Relic, Aged Nickel

Aluminum material, aged nickel finish.

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P-GGT-84Bridge - Gotoh, Relic, Aged Nickel

Hard zinc saddle

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P-GGT-85Saddle - Gotoh, Relic Brass, In-Tune, Aged Chrome

Brass "In-Tune" Saddle PAT-P. String spacing 10.8mm

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P-GH-BK-XBridge - Hipshot, 4 String KickAss
Colors Available:
Lovingly dedicated to the granddaddy of high mass bridges, Hipshot® is proud to offer the KickAss™ Bass Bridge. They spent years plus countless versions ensuring that this 'tribute' would possess the soul of the original without being a copy. The KickAss™ features the following:
  • Unique saddle design features pre notched inserts (no filing required). These inserts allow you to easily adjust your string spacing from a narrow .687" (17.5mm) to a wide .800" (20mm) and anywhere in between!
  • Comes standard with brass saddle inserts which emphasize the fundamental tone and give your bass a mellow sound. Also included are two extra inserts for greater range of height adjustment.
  • The KickAss™ mounts on a typical 5 hole bass configuration and features recessed string ball holes for a sleeker look.
  • All mounting hardware included.
  • Available in Black, Chrome, and Gold.
Starting at $65.00
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P-GFB-PINBridge Pin Set - Original Fender
Colors Available:
Set of seven slotted bridge pins for use with most Fender acoustic guitars as well as other manufacturers. Includes extra bridge pin and matching strap end pin.

Bridge Pin Measurements:
  • Tapered shaft diameter from 0.14”- 0.19
  • Shaft length without head - 1.0”
  • Overall pin length – 1.28”

Strap End Pin Measurements:
  • Tapered shaft diameter from .25”-.30”
  • Shaft length without head - .75”
  • Overall pin length – 1.16”
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P-GTB830Bridge - Tele, Adjustable Locking Saddles, Chrome
Replacement chrome bridge for Tele. Made in Korea.
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S-H119Screws - Fender®, Bridge Height Screws
Set of hex set screws used for saddle-height adjustment on American Vintage series Stratocaster and Telecaster bridges.
• Set of 12 hex set screws
• For American Vintage Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars
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