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P-GB-SADDLE-2PSaddle - Bigsby, Bridge, Polished
Polished Bigsby bridge saddle.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-02551
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P-GB-SCREW-2Screw - Bigsby, Mounting
Stainless Bigsby mounting screw.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1927
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P-GB-SCREW-3Screw - Bigsby, Set Screw
Set Screw for Bigsby arm.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1931
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P-GB-SPRING-3Guitar Part - Bigsby, Spring, Handle
  • Bigsby Vibrato Handle Pivot Spring.
  • Diameter is 0.37 in. Height is 0.359 in.
  • Used for handle pivot resistance.
  • Located on underside of pivot joint on handle between the pivot nut and the handle.
  • Not to be confused with a "Tension Spring".
  • Picture is enlarged to show detail.
  • Bigsby Part# 0495-1960
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P-GB-WASHER-1Washer - Bigsby, Fibre Handle
Bigsby vibrato handle washer.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-2331
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P-GB-SHIMShim - Bigsby, 1953 Original Telecaster
Aluminum neck shim for 1953 Original Telecaster with Bigsby B16 Vibrato.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0262
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P-GGT-25-XTremolo - Wilkinson/Gotoh, VSVG, vintage nickel
Colors Available:
If you are looking for a tremelo that is designed for enhanced sustain and better reliability, then you have found it. The VSVG Vintage tremolo features enlongated baseplate holes so the screws won't bind and it gives a very smooth, accurate return to pitch. With the string mounting holes being staggered in the steel block you will find much more tuning stability because of the more consistent string angle over the adjustable locking bent-steel saddles. Hardware included.
Starting at $102.00
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P-GGT-38-CTremolo - Gotoh, Low Friction, chrome
A newly fashioned design from Gotoh® with almost no internal friction. Designed to directly retrofit the mounting hole pattern of a vintage tremolo. You can use this bridge to replace a conventional, 6 mounting screw Strat® tremolo with no mods to the body. Hardware included.
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P-GGT-48-CBridge - Gotoh, 510TS-SF2 Series, Tremolo, Vintage Style, chrome
Gotoh 510TS Series Tremolos are machined with Chrome Molybdeumn Steel knife edges to withstand years of abuse and trouble free use. Comes stock with a vintage steel block with more mass and better tone. These are top of the line Gotoh tremolo units. Tremolo-unit includes the following accessories: Arm, Spring, Spring-holder, Wrench, Stud-bolt, Screw etc… Hardware included.
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P-GGT-68-CBridge - Gotoh, EV510T Series Tremolo
Gotoh 510T Series Tremolos are machined with Chrome Molybdeumn Steel knife edges to withstand years of abuse and trouble free use. The tremolo block is designed to allow the strings to contact the saddle without touching the block as it passes through which increases sustain and tuning stability. Hardware included.
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(11 pages)
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