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P-GGT-66-GBridge - Gotoh, Vintage Style Tele, Gold

The brass saddles pivot using a locking center screw to allow any degree of rotation needed to achieve perfect intonation. Features 2-5/32" string spread. Simple, elegant, and original looking without sacrificing what's important, tone. Hardware included.

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P-GTST-CBridge - Fender®, Standard Tele Bridge Assembly, Chrome
Genuine Fender replacement chrome bridge assembly for use with most Standard series Telecaster models manufactured from 2004-present (does not retrofit to a three-screw mounting design without modification).
Bridge pickup and mounting hardware not included.
  • Chrome bridge assembly
  • Six adjustable block saddles
  • Four-screw mounting design
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • For Standard Series Telecaster models (2004-present)
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Vibrato - Bigsby, B700 Gold, Lightning Series II
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P-G100Pickguard - Strat, 3-Ply, White White/Black/White
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P-G101Pickguard - Strat, 3-Ply, Black Black/White/Black
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P-G102Pickguard - Tele, 3-Ply, Black Black/White/Black
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P-G103Pickguard - P-Bass, 3-Ply, Black/White/Black
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P-G105Backplate - Strat 3-ply Black
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P-GVB-TE-BSSaddles - Vibramate, Dual Access
Colors Available:

Vibramate Dual Access Bridge Saddles! Vibramate V5-TE Slotted Bridge Saddle Set for Telecaster Guitars are designed to work with the Vibramate V5-TE Series Mounting kits and Bigsby vibratos. Each set is custom-slotted utilizing the traditional 3-saddle "ash-tray" configuration and are designed to properly align the strings with the guitar neck of a Telecaster Guitar. The vintage style saddles are made in the USA and feature all Stainless Steel mounting screws and compression springs. Vibramate V5-TE Saddle Set includes Vibramate custom made intonation screws designed to provide easy access to adjust the intonation on Telecaster guitars that have a Bigsby vibrato installed.

  • Dual Access screws are adjustable from both ends.

Starting at $36.95
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P-GB60-XVibrato - Bigsby, B60
Colors Available:
Bigsby B60 Lightning Series I Vibrato for use on large acoustic and arch top guitars.
The Bigsby vibrato tailpiece is a type of vibrato device for electric guitar designed by Paul A. Bigsby. The device allows musicians to bend the pitch of notes or entire chords with their pick hand for various effects.
Bigsby B-60 Specifications
  • Model Name: B-60
  • Series: Lightning Series I
  • Manufacturing Method: Die Cast
  • Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
  • Approximate weight: 308 grams/10.9 oz.
  • Overall Length: 8 5/8”/219.1 mm
  • Overall Width: 3 7/8”/ 98.4 mm
  • Arm adjusts with 1/8” Allen wrench and 5/16” socket wrench
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Gold

*Designed for use on large hollow body guitars
Starting at $110.00
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(58 pages)
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