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P-GTNN14Nut - Original Fender, Pre-Slotted Brass
High-quality solid-brass string nut as used on the Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster®, for use with Stratocaster and Telecaster® guitars.
Designed for 9.5"-radius fingerboards and pre-slotted with string location grooves to simplify spacing and positioning during final slot filing.
Note that some filing and shaping modifications may be required to ensure proper fit and performance.
• High-quality solid-brass string nut
• For 9.5" fingerboard radius
• Pre-slotted
• 9.5" (241mm) top and bottom radius
• 1.620” (41.15mm) wide
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P-GTNN-ZBXLNut - Zero Glide for Classical Guitar
Multiple Options Available
The Zero Glide® Replacement Nut System borrows the “zero fret” concept to reduce string contact in the nut by up to 93%, increasing tuning stability, playability, and open string tone. It only take a few minutes to install with absolutely no permanent alteration to your instrument.
Zero fret wire included.
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