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P-GTFW6130Fret wire - Dunlop, large, for early Gibson
Dunlop®, 6130,.036" x.106", 28% nickel/silver, hard alloy, 2 5/8" long, large/jumbo size, good on early Gibson®, 24 pieces
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P-PG22GAPickguard - Fender®, '57 P-Bass, Gold-Anodized

Original Fender® replacement pickguard, gold anodized for '57 P-Bass.

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P-PG15XPickguard - Fender®, Vintage '57 Strat, 8-Hole
Colors Available:

Fits vintage 1957 Stratocasters

Starting at $18.95
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P-PUK30Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Classic Single, Vintage Strat
This is an ultra sweet sounding, low output-pickup. The vintage single coil specifications offer a tight, balanced low end response and sweet chimey highs. If you are looking for a true vintage tone that ISN'T modified to sound like a 60 year old pickup, this is an excellent upgrade. Great for blues and classic old school funk applications. Staggered Alnico polepieces. Available reverse wound/reverse polarity. White Cover
  • D.C. resistance = 6.5K
  • Magnet Type = Alnico 5
  • Magnet dimensions: 5mm X 17mm polepieces
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P-GRV-502XTuner - Grover, Rotomatic Roto-Grip locking, 3 per side
Colors Available:

The newest addition to the Grover family, these locking machine heads utilize the famous 18:1 Rotomatic® design with a "thumb screw" mechanism which locks the string into place. Insert the string through the post hole, wrap around once, then lock by tightening with the thumb screw. Perfect replacement for the most standard machine heads.

Starting at $64.95
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P-GT-GP200Parts Kit - Grover, Bushings, Washers, Screws
Bushings, washers and screws for Grover® Machine Heads.
You save: 14%
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P-PG19XPickguard - Fender®, '62 P-Bass, 4-Ply
Colors Available:

Original Fender® pickguard replacement for 62' P-Bass, 4-ply. Multiple color options available.

Starting at $27.95
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P-PG21XPickguard - Fender®, American Standard P-Bass 13-hole
Colors Available:

Original Fender® pickguard replacement, 3-ply, for American P-Bass. Multiple color options available.

Starting at $24.95
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P-GH-TM-1CTuner - Hipshot, HB2, nickel

HB2 Fits 11/16" headstock holes, Upgrade your USA '67-'82 Fender P & J Bass, nickel, bass side. Sold individually.

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P-GRV-V97NTuner - Grover, Sta-Tite, 3 per side vertical, nickel

The Original Grover® Sta-Tite machine head. The classic styling of the Sta-Tite returns with the Grover® name. The butter bean button identifies this as the original. A 14:1 gear ratio provides precise tuning. Wood screws, washers and bushing included.

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(59 pages)
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