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P-GB-HINGE-1XHinge - Bigsby, Gretsch, for vibrato
Colors Available:
Original Bigsby vibrato hinge. Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0890G
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0890
Starting at $14.29
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P-GB-NUTNut - Bigsby, Handle
Nut for bigsby vibrato handle.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1410
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P-GB-ROLLER-SRoller - Bigsby, Stainless
Roller for Bigsby vibrato, stainless.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1837
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P-GB-PIN-XPin - Bigsby, Roller
Colors Available:
Bigsby pin for vibrato roller. Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1630
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1630G
Starting at $3.23
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P-GB-SADDLE-1PSaddle - Bigsby, Bridge, New, Polished
Polished Bigsby bridge saddle with string indents. Compensated for plain G-string.

Bigsby Part No: 0495-0261
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P-GB-SADDLE-2PSaddle - Bigsby, Bridge, Polished
Polished Bigsby bridge saddle.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-02551
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P-GB-SCREW-2Screw - Bigsby, Mounting
Stainless Bigsby mounting screw.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1927
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P-GB-SCREW-3Screw - Bigsby, Set Screw
Set Screw for Bigsby arm.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1931
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P-GB-SPRING-3Guitar Part - Bigsby, Spring, Handle
  • Bigsby Vibrato Handle Pivot Spring.
  • Diameter is 0.37 in. Height is 0.359 in.
  • Used for handle pivot resistance.
  • Located on underside of pivot joint on handle between the pivot nut and the handle.
  • Not to be confused with a "Tension Spring".
  • Picture is enlarged to show detail.
  • Bigsby Part# 0495-1960
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P-GB-WASHER-1Washer - Bigsby, Fibre Handle
Bigsby vibrato handle washer.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-2331
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