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P-PG20XPickguard - Fender®, for J-Bass, Truss Rod Notch
Colors Available:

Original Fender® pickguard replacement for J-Bass 3-ply with truss rod notch. Multiple color options available.

On Backorder
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P-PG11XPPickguard - Fender®, for Standard Stratocaster, 11-hole
Colors Available:
Original Fender® double fat pearloid, 4-ply, 2 Hum 11 Hole.
NOTE: The humbucker route is not compatible with covered humbuckers. Only uncovered humbuckers will fit in this route without further modification. Humbucker mounting screw holes are NOT pre-drilled.
Starting at $33.95
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P-GTBS-AMBridge saddle - Fender®, for American Stratocaster, 6 pieces

Fender® replacement American Series bridge saddles (6 saddles). Springs and screws included.

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S-S150XGuitar strings - Fender, Electric, Original 150s
Multiple Options Available
If you're trying to capture the original vintage tone of pure nickel wound strings; string up a set of Original 150s!

Deliver a smooth feel with reduced finger noise. Rich, warm tone with abundant harmonics. Perfect for blues, jazz and classic rock.

They're pure Fender tone through and through.

Made in the USA. Pure Nickel Wound

Gauge Sets:

.010 - .046 contains
.010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046
.009 - .042 contains
.009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042
.011 - .049 contains
.011, .014, .018, .028, .038, .049
Starting at $5.95
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P-GCOV-6Bridge Cover - Fender®, for Vintage J-Bass, Chrome

Original Fender® bridge cover for vintage J-Bass.

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P-GCOV-5Bridge Cover - Fender®, for Vintage P-Bass, Chrome

Original Fender® bridge cover for vintage P-Bass .

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P-GTBS-VTBridge saddle - Fender®, for Telecaster, 3 pieces
Fender® replacement Vintage Tele bridge saddles (3 saddles)
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P-GTFB-CBridge - Fender®, for Vintage American J/P-Bass, Screws

Original Fender® bridge assembly for vintage American J-bass and P-bass, includes screws.

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P-GCOV-1Bridge Cover - Fender®, Vintage, for Stratocaster, chrome

Original Fender® bridge cover for Vintage Strat Guitar.

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P-GCOV-3Bridge Cover - Fender®, for Jaguar/Jazzmaster, Chrome

Original Fender® bridge cover for Jaguar/Jazzmaster Guitar.

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(14 pages)
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