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P-PUG5Pickup - Gibson®, 490R Modern Classic, chrome cover neck
These "Modern Classic" pickups feature tonal characteristics similar to the '57 Classic, but deliver a slight increase in the upper mids, for a more contemporary humbucking sound. The special AlNiCo II magnet gives these beauties a singing quality that delivers on demand.
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P-PUG35Pickup - Gibson®, Burstbucker #1 Alnico II humbucker, zebra
Gibson Burstbucker #1, Alnico II, slightly underwound medium output (#1) zebra. Good for neck and bridge pickups.
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P-GTMH21Tuner - Gibson®, modern nickel with metal buttons

Gibson tuners - modern nickel with metal buttons, 3-per-side.

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P-GTHAL-NTailpiece - Gibson®, Historic, Aluminum, Nickel

Gibson Historic Spec replacement parts are made to the exact specification and equipment as originally used to craft the guitars of the Gibson Custom, Art and Historic Division.

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P-GTTOM-NBridge - Gibson®, Nashville, Tune-O-Matic, Nickel

The Gibson Tune-o-matic bridge remains one of the most revered and copied pieces of guitar hardware ever developed, and the Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge offers un-notched saddles with individual saddle screw retainer clips, and a wider footing for increased intonation range. The stud and thumbwheel are also cast directly onto the bridge, allowing the Nashville Tune-o-matic to slide directly into place.

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