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P-GRV-102XVTuner - Grover, Rotomatic, 14:1, "Milkbottle" Style, 3/Side
Colors Available:
The 102V series is a remake (replica) of the original “Milk Bottle" style Rotomatics® first introduced by Grover. With a 14:1 gear ratio, this unique style will make any vintage guitar appear truly original.
Package of 6, 3 per side.
Starting at $44.50
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P-GRV-103XTuner/Machine Head - Grover, Rotomatic, 3 per side
Colors Available:
This model offers the same specs and styling as the Original “Bottleneck" style 102 Series, but with Pearloid Buttons and button retainer.
Starting at $59.95
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P-BH-XK-4CKey - Hipshot, BT4 Bass Xtender Key, Chrome
Hipshot Standard BT4 Bass Extender Key, Chrome.

Retrofit your Fender bass equipped with 2 mounting pin tuners for drop tuning. Fits 11/16 headstock holes. Installation instructions and mounting hardware included.
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P-GRV-406CL6Tuners - Grover, Mini Lock Roto, Left-handed, Chrome, 6/Line

The same innovative engineering and classic design as the original Rotomatics, but with smaller buttons for 6-in-line guitars, or for those who prefer a little more space for their fingers.

  • Mini Locking Rotomatic Tuners
  • 6-In-Line, Left Handed
  • Chrome
  • Package of 6
  • 18:1 Gear Ratio for ultimate precision tuning

RoHS Compliant

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P-GGT-17-L2R3CTuner - Gotoh, Compact 707 for Bass, chrome, 2+3
Precision 20:1 gear ratio enclosed Bass Guitar tuners. With a 7/16"-diameter string posts and threaded hex bushings. They require a 9/16"-diameter peghole for installation. Featuring sealed lubricated, cast housings and metal knobs. Mounting screws are included. Mounting hardware included.
For 5-string bass. 2 Left, 3 Right.
You save: 20%
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P-GV5-ST-XVibramate - V5-ST Short Tail, For Bigsby B5
Colors Available:
Vibramate Short Tail V5 Adapter Mounting Kit, For Bigsby B5
The Vibramate V5 Short Tail Mounting Kit is the same as the Original V5 kit but designed for tighter locations such as the SG Classic style guitars that feature a larger pickguard.
The Vibramate V5 is for mounting a Bigsby B5 Original Vibrato and will fit most traditional style guitars that have a tune-a-matic style bridge and a stop-tailpiece. The kit installs in minutes with the included hardware and eliminates the need for drilling permanent holes in your instrument. Vibramate comes with 3 felt-pads secured to the bottom of the mounting plate for a soft touch to the top of your guitar.
Starting at $54.95
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P-GGT-47-XTuner - Gotoh, Midsize 510, Metal Knobs, 3 per side
Colors Available:

The SGV510 series are recognized the world over as one of the top performing super tuners on the market. These feature an 18:1 gear ratio. They have evolved through improvement without any compromises along the way. The come equipped with a considerable amount of high-technology as a standard. With the improvement of precision fitting gears which give a marvelous touch on playing they have gained a considerable reputation and are trusted as the No.1 machine head by many musicians all over the world. These are three-on-a-side. Mounting hardware included.

Starting at $84.00
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P-GH-M4-GTuner - Hipshot, M4 Bass Xtender, Gold
Drop tune your bass that uses Schaller machines.
  • Sold individually
  • Retrofits Schaller M4 mini bass tuning machines.
  • Installation instructions included
  • Gold
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P-GKLU-KTS9105MNTuning Machine - Kluson Supreme, Oval Buttons, 6/Line, Nickel
The new Kluson® Supreme series tuners have an 18:1 gear ratio in the traditional stamped steel housing. Designed for use on headstocks using vintage style press fit bushings. Mounting screws and bushings included.
  • 6-in-line orientation
  • Metal,oval button
  • Safety post
  • Precise 18:1 gear ratio
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P-GH-CM-1CTuning Machine - Hipshot, Open Gear Classic, Nickel (Individual)
Upgrade your guitar with the sleek, precision built Classic Guitar Tuning Machines from Hipshot. Smooth 18:1 gear ratio. Sold individually.
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(12 pages)
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