CLIFF is a manufacturer of a variety of audio connectors and components.
Nut - Cliff, Hex, for mounting ¼" Jacks
Nut - Hex, for Cliff UK Jacks S-H902, S-H903, S-H904, & S-H905
Lock Washer - Grounding, for S4 jack socket
EMI / RFI screen (grounding washer) for S2 and S4 Cliff jack sockets. This lock washer is added to S2/S4 Cliff jacks to provide a chassis/shield connection for the connection. Jacks sold separately.
Nut - Cliff, Hex, Red, used on Loudspeaker Output Jacks
Red Cliff hex nut, often used on guitar amplifiers to identify loudspeaker outputs.
Nut - Cliff, Hex, for ¼" white Jacks
Hex nut for white Cliff Jacks, threading: 7/16-20. Also used on the footswitch jack in some Marshall amps.
Nut - Cliff, Hex, Plated Steel
Hexagonal, plated steel nut for Cliff UK jacks. This nut fits Cliff jacks with 7/16″ UNF, 20 TPI threading.