Integrated Circuit - AS3310, VC ADSR, Alfa, 16-Pin Dip

Integrated Circuit - AS3310, VC ADSR, Alfa, 16-Pin Dip

Integrated Circuit - AS3310, VC ADSR, Alfa, 16-Pin Dip image 1
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The AS3310 is Alfa’s version of the CEM3310 IC. The AS3310 is a self-contained, precision ADSR type of envelope generator intended for electronic music and other sound generation applications. Attack, decay and release times are exponentially voltage controllable over a wide range, and the sustain level is linearly voltage controllable from 0 to 100% of the peak voltage Vp. All four control Inputs are Isolated from the rest of the circuitry so that the control pins of tracking units may be simply tied together.

On the negative power output, there is an internal Zener diode at 7.4 volts ± 10%, which allows the chip to supply a maximum voltage of ± 15 volts with a current-limiting resistor REE, and a minimum positive supply voltage of + 11 volts and a minimum negative supply voltage of -5 volts.. A series current limiting resistor must be added between pin 6 and the supply. Its value is calculated as follows: REE = (VEE - 7.5) / 0.010

The AS3310 is available in a 16-pin DIP package.


  • Large Time Control Range: 100,000:1
  • Full ADSR Response
  • True RC Envelope Shape
  • Exceptionally Low Control Voltage Feedthrough: 90µVmax
  • Accurate Exponential Time Control Scales
  • Isolated Control Inputs
  • Good Repeatability and Tracking Between Units Without
  • External Trim
  • Independent Gate and Trigger
  • Wide power supply range:
    negative rail: -15V to -9V (via external resistor)
    positive rail: +11V to +15V
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ALFA RPAR Part Number:
Product Measurements by Type
Max. Current Into VEE Pin±50 mA
Max. Operating Temperature Range- 25°C to 75°C
Max. Storage Temperature Range- 55°C to 150°C
Max. Voltage Between Control and GND Pins±6 V
Max. Voltage Between VCC and GND Pins+18 V
Max. Voltage Between VCC and VEE Pins24 V
Max. Voltage Between VEE and GND Pins-6.5 V
Max. Voltage to Gate and Trigger Input PinsVEE to VCC
Negative Supply Range(Current limiting resistor required when VEE > -7 volts)-4.5V to -18V
Positive Supply Range+11V to +18V
Typ. ATK, DCY, RLS Scale Tracking0 µV/decade
Typ. Attack Asymptote Voltage (VZ)7.0 V
Typ. Attack C.V. Feedthrough6 µV
Typ. Attack Output Signal-1.8 V
Typ. Attack Peak Voltage (VP)5 V
Typ. Attack Peak to Asymptote Tracking1.5%
Typ. Buffer Input Current0.5 nA
Typ. Buffer Output Impedance200 Ω
Typ. Charge Current (ATK)1
Typ. Control Scale Sensitivity60 mV/decade
Typ. Decay C.V. FeedthroughNone
Typ. Discharge Current (DCY, RLS)1
Typ. Exponential Full Scale Control Accuracy (2nA < IO < 200µA)2%
Typ. Exponential Full Scale Control Accuracy (50nA < IO <50µA)0.3%
Typ. Gate Input Current25 µA
Typ. Gate Threshold2.3 V
Typ. Op Amp Input Current400 nA
Typ. Output Current Sink Capability0.56 mA
Typ. RC Curve Asymptote Error (VCA, VCD, VCR = -240mV)-125 mV
Typ. RC Curve Asymptote Error (VCA, VCD, VCR = 0)-6 µV
Typ. Release C.V. FeedthroughNone
Typ. Release Final Voltage Error (VO)+10 mV
Typ. Supply Current7.5 mA
Typ. Sustain Control Input Current400 nA
Typ. Sustain Final Voltage Error (VO -VCS)+10 mV
Typ. Tempco of Control Scale+3300 ppm
Typ. Time Control Range100,000:1
Typ. Trigger Input Impedance3 KΩ
Typ. Trigger Pulse Required to Trigger Envelope+1.3 V
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions0.72 in. × 0.36 in. × 0.283 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.002 lbs.
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