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P-BH-PBAMTPine Board AM Transmitter Kit - Ham Nation, Bob Heil
Kit includes:

  • 2x P-ST8-250MT
  • 1x package of S-H170
  • 1x package of P-0702H
  • 1x C-ET10-450
  • 1x C-ET47-50
  • 1x C-SM500
  • 1x C-SM100
  • 1x C-D1000-2000
  • 1x C-V365
  • 1x package of R-I100
  • 1x package of R-I22K
  • 1x package of R-I56K
  • 1x package of R-I100K
  • 1x P-CF22707

Power supply kit sold as P-BHPS.

Vacuum tubes sold separately.
You save: 11%
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P-BH-MPMic Preamp Kit - Ham Nation, Bob Heil
Kit includes:

  • 1x P-ST9-511
  • 1x package of P-0602H
  • 1x C-ET10-450
  • 1x C-SA10-25
  • 2x C-D1000-2000
  • 1x C-D10000-100
  • 1x C-D22000-100
  • 1x C-D50000-100
  • 2x C-PEID1-100
  • 1x package of R-B1K
  • 1x package of R-B33K
  • 1x package of R-B100K
  • 1x package of R-B1M
  • 2x R-VA50KL
  • 1x R-VA10KL
  • 1x P-K302R
  • 2x P-K302P
  • 2x S-H522

Power supply kit sold as P-BHPS.

Vacuum tubes sold separately.
You save: 11%
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P-BHPSPower Supply Kit - Ham Nation, Bob Heil

Kit includes:

  • 1x P-T261G6
  • 3x C-ET22-450
  • 1x R-F1K (pack of 5)
  • 1x S-H205
  • 1x F-ZF010 (pack of 5)
  • 1x P-H540
  • 1x T-6X5GT_EZ35
  • 1x P-ST8-800
  • 1x P-0602H (pack of 5)
  • 1x P-L124-P
  • 1x P-47 (box of 10)
  • 1x P-L115
  • 1x S-W125

You save: 11%
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K-920Effects Pedal Kit - MOD® Kits, The Piledriver, Power Boost

"The PileDriver" is a clean boost kit that will provide up to 38dB of gain to your guitar signal. Use it to push your preamp into overdrive or as a line driver if you are experiencing signal degradation from your effects chain. This is a simple kit and great for beginners!

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K-925Radio Kit - 2 Tube Regenerative Radio
This radio kit will cover the AM radio band along with the SW radio band. Power for this receiver is 1.5 V DC for the filaments and 45V DC for the plate current. A D cell and five 9V transistor batteries wired in series will work to power this radio. A 2000 ohm headset or an audio amplifier is required.
Requires two T-1T4_DF91 tubes (not included).
You save: 11%
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P-BHFSMField Strength Meter Kit - Ham Nation, Bob Heil

Kit includes:

  • 1x P-0501H (pack of 5)
  • 1x P-Q971
  • 1x R-VA50KL
  • 1x C-PEID01-100 (pack of 5)

You save: 11%
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K-970Effects Pedal Kit - MOD® Kits, The Tea Philter, T Filter

The Tea Philter - A T-Filter Pedal Kit The Tea Philter pedal produces a fixed wah tone allowing you to lock it in without rocking the pedal back and forth. Every guitar/wah combination has a certain sweet spot that is perfect for lead and chord work. The Tea Philter lets you dial in everything from your favorite vocal mid-range tone to thick lows. Using point-to-point wiring and easy-to-follow instructions you can have a working fixed wah pedal in a matter of hours. The effect pedal operates on a 9V battery. For a longer lasting option, a 9-volt adapter can be purchased separately.

You save: 11%
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K-502Amp Kit - Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier
Tube designs rival the sound of high end audio amplifiers that cost 10 times as much! This kit was designed by George Fathauer. Enjoy the thrill of high end audio without going broke and enjoy the satisfaction in building it yourself. Kit comes complete will all parts and easy to follow instructions. Easily built in one evening. Uses 11BM8 tubes included in the kit. Also included pine board for mounting PC board and transformers.
You save: 11%
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K-930Effects Pedal Kit - MOD® Kits, The Persuader, Tube Drive
Build your own tube preamp pedal built around a 12AX7 tube. Go from clean, warm tone to smooth, real tube overdrive.
This kit includes pre-drilled die-cast aluminum enclosure and all parts with easy to follow instructions. All you need to provide is solder and soldering iron.
The Persuader allows for easy access to the tube, giving you the ability to quickly experiment with different tube brands and 12AX7 tube relatives.
Operates on a 9V battery or AC adapter, which is not included. When completed, this pedal draws considerable current and battery life will be short. The Godlyke 9-volt adapter (M-PAS-S) may be purchased separately to power your new pedal.
You save: 11%
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K-955Effects Pedal Kit - MOD® Kits, Thunderdrive Deluxe, Overdrive
The Thunderdrive Deluxe is an overdrive pedal kit that will provide a strong clean signal boost in the early gain settings and smooth distortion at maximum gain settings. Adjusting volume control and gain controls provides a wide variety of tones in spite of it's simple contruction.
The Turbo switch provides an additional boost in volume and less internally generated distortion. The pre-painted black enclosure, red control knobs and red LED indicator give the Thunderdrive Deluxe an understated attractive finish. It is capable of overdriving the preamp section of your guitar amp or adding it's own layer of distortion at lower volume.
This is an easy build kit with point to point wiring and clear, easy to follow instructions. The current draw of this pedal is very low at 1.3 milliamps, allowing for long battery life. All you need to provide is solder, soldering iron and a few simple tools.
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(4 pages)
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