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S-T25-XFret Saw - Standard Model
Multiple Options Available

Standard fret slot cutting saw with 0.50/0.60 mm pitch. Made in Japan. Overall length = 324 mm (12 ¾”) Cutting Length = 115 mm (4 ½”) Blade Depth = 30 mm (1 3/16”)

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S-T221-RYOBA-XFret Slot Cleaning Saws - Ryoba
Multiple Options Available

Fret slot saw with two blades, one for push-cutting and another for pull-cutting.

Starting at $19.50
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S-T221-XFret Slot Cleaning Saws - Standard
Multiple Options Available

Fret slot cleaning saw with 45 degree angle and pencil grip. Dimensions:

  • 0.40 mm or 0.50 mm blade thickness
  • 15 mm blade length
  • 160 mm total length

Starting at $16.00
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S-T239Fret Saw Guide - for Ensuring Straight Cuts

Three neodymium magnets on each end to ensure a straight cut at a right angle. The saw guide can adjust 0mm to 4.7mm slot depth by sliding the frame. The slide frame side has scale marks representing 1mm of depth. Size is 195 x 90 x 25 mm. Weight is 475g.

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