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S-T211-XFret File - Diamond
Multiple Options Available

Diamond fret file with offset shape for more comfortable fret dressing and improved clearance over the guitar body at high frets. Both full length concave filing grooves (for medium and wide fretwire) uniformly coated with micro industrial diamond particle.

Starting at $71.95
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S-T234String Spreader - for Fret Work Without Unstringing

Those of us who don’t want to fully remove that new set of strings to do some quick spot work on the fret board or nut will love this simple yet effective tool. Simply loosen your strings and place the string spreaders underneath the guitar neck. Bring the strings off the neck and latch them underneath the spreader's ends to allow for quick and easy fret-board work without the need to unstring your instrument. These string spreaders will quickly become a must have in your toolbox!

  • Make room for cleaning, polishing or spot work on frets without removing strings
  • Made of brass with a soft, finish safe, rubber coating
  • Set of 2

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S-T231-XChemical Polishing File - Half-Round
Multiple Options Available

CP files have special file toothpattern and it keeps file clean without clogging. Easy to control and fast to file clean with light strokes.

Starting at $21.50
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S-T232Fingerboard Radius & String Action Gauge - 6 Radiuses

6 different radiuses : 7-¼", 9-½", 10", 12", 14", 16" 0.20mm step string action gauge

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S-T243File Set - for Acoustic Guitars, 3 Sizes
Double edge nut files featuring popular acoustic guitar gauges specially designed for slotting nuts. This set of three files will cover the work of six and cuts a smooth round bottom slot.

Always try and use a file gauge that’s not more than a couple thousandths larger than the gauge of string you are using. Smaller files can be used to create wider slots by using a side-to-side movement while cutting.

  • 4” cutting edge
  • 6 gauges: .016"/.042"- .026"/.050" -.036"/.055"
  • Set of 3 files
  • Made In Japan
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S-T208Notched Straightedge - 16.5" x 1.5", Stainless Steel, Satin
The notched straight edge is a must have on any luthier’s bench for evaluating the straightness of your fret board while avoiding frets that may have seen better days.It’s made of satin stainless steel so cleaning off any markings made with a pencil is a breeze!

One side is marked Long Scale Guitar for use with Fender, Martin, Gibson long scale guitars plus others.

The opposite side is marked Short Scale Guitar for use with Gibson’s shorter scale as well as Dobro and PRS guitars plus others.
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S-T246-XDiamond Sheet - 75x150mm, Self-Adhesive
Multiple Options Available

75x150mm, for S-T229 sanding blocks.

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S-T248-XWood Saw Rasp - High Carbon Steel
Multiple Options Available

One coarse side, one fine side.

Starting at $16.00
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S-T233-7086Two-Step Drill Bit - 7.0mm (0.275") x 8.6mm (0.34")

Two-step drill bit for drilling two-step holes. HSS material.

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S-T249Profiling Gauge - 150mm length
150mm length. Used to record the shape of a surface, which can then be used to trace a copy onto another surface.
Needles are held firmly, which makes them easy to shape, but they remain in place when using to trace.
On Backorder
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