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S-T205Fingerboard Guards - 2 Sizes

Designed to protect the fingerboard when doing work on your frets. Comes with 2 sizes (dimension on either side of the fret gap): 1/4" 3/8"

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S-T202Understring Radius Gauges - 9 Sizes, for Saddle Adjustments

Obtain accurate measurements of your instrument's fretboard radius using the bottom radius of the gauge. Then use the matching top radius of this gauge to determine the proper height adjustment for the bridge saddles. Made of aluminum, radius gauges come in 9 sizes: 7.25" 9.5" 10" 12" 14" 15" 16" 17" 20"

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S-T204Wrench - Steel, Multi-Spanner

A small, easily-portable tool designed for quick adjustments of various instrument parts (including nuts and thumb wheels), from potentiometers and pickup switches to tuning machines. One end is designed for loosening, the other is designed for tightening. The device has been chamfered and polished to avoid damage to your instrument when used.

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S-T210-XFret/Fingerboard Leveler - for Flat Frets
Multiple Options Available

Fret/Fingerboard leveler (1" x 2" in either 8" or 16" length). Use self-adhesive sandpaper (choosing the appropriate sand paper grit size for the job at hand) and attach it to the one inch surface of this steel beam which has been precision ground for flatness.

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S-T200XString Action Gauge - Measurement Tool
Multiple Options Available

A stainless steel pocket-sized String Action Gauge that's perfect for obtaining accurate action measurements for any guitar, including string to pole piece distance, fret slot depth, string nut slot depth, pole piece height, saddle height, slot depth, and more! The back of the ruler contains useful conversions. Available in metric or in imperial measurements (inches)

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S-T237Fret Rocker - for Identifying Uneven Frets

Fret rocker luthier tool. Four precision ground flat edges having lengths: 4.0”, 3.0”, 2.0” and 1.3”. Perfect for finding the source of fret buzz. Place the flat edge over three frets at a time and try to rock the tool. If the tool rocks, you’ve located the uneven fret.

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S-T206Fret Puller - Narrow Jaws

A specialized tool for cleanly pulling out frets. The narrow jaws are designed specifically to allow for a clean grip on frets.

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S-T203String Spacing Ruler - Steel

Get accurate string spacing without the use of complicated tools with this easy-to-use String Spacing Ruler. "Mark outer string locations with pencil lines (high and low E strings on guitars), usually about 1/8" in from fingerboard edges. Turn ruler over (use marked side). With wide spacing toward bass side, narrow spacing toward treble side, find group of marks (six for guitar) which best fit your two pencil lines. Use a razor knife or thin mechanical pencil to mark the string positions through the ruler's slots.

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S-T207Feeler Gauge - 20 Sizes

Set of 20 feeler gauges to measure gap widths. Includes: (.0015" / .04 mm) (.002" / .05 mm) (.0025" / .06 mm) (.003" / .08 mm) (.004" / .10 mm) (.005" / .13 mm) (.006" / .15 mm) (.008" / .20 mm) (.010" / .25 mm) (.012" / .30 mm) (.014" / .35 mm) (.016" / .40 mm) (.018" / .45 mm) (.020" / .50 mm) (.022" / .55 mm) (.024" / .60 mm) (.026" / .65 mm) (.028" / .70 mm) (.030" / .75 mm) (.032" / .80 mm)

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S-T227Radius Gauges - 2 Gauges for 8 Radiuses

Set of 2, One gauge has 7.25", 9.5", 10", and 12" radiuses. The second has 14", 15", 16", and 20".

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(7 pages)
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