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P-SS9-325XLTube Shield - For 9-Pin, Aluminum, Extra Long
Extra long (70mm) aluminum tube shield for noval tubes. Ideal for tubes that are longer than a standard preamp tube such as the 6CG7, 12BH7, etc.

  • Includes shield base
  • Designed for longer than standard pre-amp tubes
  • Sold individually
  • Compatible with P-ST9-212
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P-ST7-222Socket -7 Pin, Miniature, Standoff Ceramic PC Mount

7-pin ceramic tube socket with PC pins commonly used for tubes such as the 6X4 rectifier.

  • PC mount
  • 11/16” chassis hole required
  • 11/16" tail diameter

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T-6SL7-JJ6SL7 - JJ Electronics

The JJ 6SL7 is an octal based preamp tube used in several guitar/ bass amp applications (early Fender, Gibson, Ampeg etc.) as well as Hi-Fi amplification. This new offering carries on the tradition of quality and durability you’ve come to expect from JJ Electronic and makes this classic tube widely available again.

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T-12BH7-A-JJ12BH7-A - JJ Electronics

The JJ Electronic 12BH7-A preamp tube is a great choice for Ampeg SVT amps and the Blackstar HT-5 plus others. A favorite in many hi-fi applications.

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T-6SN7-JJ6SN7 - JJ Electronics
JJ Electronic 6SN7 dual triode, medium MU vacuum tube.
JJ Electronics commitment to producing high quality, rugged products makes this an excellent driver tube in hi-fi applications. Made in the Slovak Republic.
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P-ST8-809Socket - 8 Pin Octal, 1" with Bracket
Ceramic Tube socket used for octal power tubes.

  • Chassis hole: 1” to 1-5/32” depending on mounting (Top: 1” Bottom: 1-5/32”)
  • Mounting Centers: 1-1/2” with oblong mounting holes
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P-ST7-815Socket - 7 Pin, Miniature, Ceramic, with Shield Base
7-pin tube socket with shield base commonly used for preamp tubes
  • Top mount
  • 5/8” chassis hole required
  • 7/8” mounting centers
  • Shield Base
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P-ST7-816Socket - 7 Pin, Miniature, Ceramic, with Aluminum Shield
7-pin tube socket commonly used for preamp tubes. Shield Included.
  • Top mount
  • 1-7/8” shield height
  • 5/8” chassis hole required
  • 7/8” mounting centers
  • Includes Shield
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P-SG117Grid/Plate Cap - Ceramic for Tubes, Diameter: ¼"
Ceramic grid/plate cap for tubes, 1/4" inside diameter.
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T-7581A-TUNG7581A - Tung-Sol
Multiple Options Available

Rated for more power than the standard 7581 (35W plate dissipation vs 30W plate dissipation).

Starting at $24.75
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