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W-QP-WASHERWasher - Flat, For Qingpu Jacks

Flat washer for W-QP-419GR and W-QP-518MA 3.5mm jacks.

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W-QP-518MA3.5mm Jack - Qingpu, Mono, Switched Tip, PC Mount

PCB mounted 3.5mm mono jacks commonly found in DIY Eurorack projects. These are the newest version from Qingpu Electronics featuring a square bushing plate for added durability. Hardware sold separately. See accessory items below.

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P-H548-SUBSwitch - Carling, Submini Toggle, SPDT, 2 Position, PC Pins

Carling submini toggle switch, SPDT, 2 position, .195" mounting hole diameter, 0.236" bushing length.

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P-H54-CAP-XSwitch Accessory - Mini Toggle Caps
Colors Available:

Rubber caps for mini toggle switches in a variety of colors. These are made for standard sized toggle bats.

Starting at $0.39
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P-H549Switch - Carling, Mini Toggle, SPDT, 3-Position, PC Pins

Carling mini-toggle switch, single pole/double throw, PC Pins. ¼" mounting hole diameter. 0.354" bushing length. 3-Position, On-Off-On.

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S-T-PICKPUNCHGuitar Pick Punch - For Making DIY Picks

This guitar pick punch is great for making your own guitar picks out of a wide variety of material. Two pick sheets are included but it is also great for making novelty picks out of old gift cards, IDs, credit cards, hotel key cards, and anything else you can think of.

This pick punch makes a great gift for any guitar player.

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P-PC-3PDT-BOARDPCB - Daughterboard for Wiring 3PDT Footswitches

Our 3PDT PCB daughterboard is a small board designed to simplify the wiring of 3PDT footswitches in guitar pedals. All inputs and outputs are clearly labeled on the PCB, removing any confusion about how the footswitch should be wired, and decreasing the chances of wiring mistakes or short-circuits.

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S-H9NT-RNut - Cliff, Hex, Red, used on Loudspeaker Output Jacks

Red Cliff hex nut, often used on guitar amplifiers to identify loudspeaker outputs.

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P-STIC-XIC Socket - Dual Leaf, For Dip Packages, 7.62" Row Spacing

IC sockets can be soldered into PCBs, stripboard, or padboard and the IC can then be inserted into it instead of soldering the IC directly to the board. IC sockets are optional, but using one allows you to easily swap out ICs (e.g. to compare various op amps in a working circuit), easily replace ICs if one fails, and protects the IC from excess heat when soldering.

Starting at $0.15
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S-HSO-M3-XStandoff - M3, Male-Female, Aluminum, 5.5mm Diameter
  • Finish/Plating: Clear Iridite
  • Material: Aluminum
  • OD: 5.5mm
  • Shape: Hex (Metric)
  • Style: M-F Standoff
  • Thread Depth(D): 8mm
  • Thread Length (TL): 8mm
  • Thread: M3
  • Type: Threaded Standoffs

Starting at $0.60
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