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P-GP-PLATE-2Pickup Part - Base Plate, Tele Bridge, Steel, Copper Plated
Copper plated steel baseplate for building a Telecaster bridge pickup or repairing a vintage original.
  • .04” copper plated steel
  • 6-32 mounting screw thread
  • Sold individually
  • $2.95
    On Backorder
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    M-PAS-CABLECAPCable Cap - For Power All Systems, Package of 3
    Designed to fit over unused male barrel connectors on a daisy chain or power supply, Cable-Caps protect against short circuits that can occur when a live lead touches a metal surface.
    Sold in sets of three. Fits over standard 5.5 mm diameter barrel plug connectors.
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    S-W603Wire - 4 Conductor, Shield
    Shielded 4-conductor wire used in wiring pickups, controls etc.
    Shielded 4-conductor wire is commonly used in humbucking pickups to allow more wiring flexibility over the 2-conductor setup. Building a pickup using 4-conductor wire will allow you to wire up coil cut, phase switching, and series/parallel configurations. Additionally, 2 conductor pickups can be converted to 4-conductor using this wire.
  • 12” length
  • 28 AWG
  • Foil shield
  • 12”/3.2mm outer diameter
  • Sold individually
  • $0.95
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    P-GP101Pickup Part - Black bobbin, 7-string, slug side

    Black humbucker bobbin for building or repairing 7-string pickups. Compatible with our 7-string baseplate (P-GP-PLATE-3)

    • Slug side bobbin
    • 61.2mm/2.40” pole spacing(outer holes center to center)
    • Sold individually

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    S-T9005Solder - Kester 63/37, 1 lb spool, Diameter: 0.031"
    (63/37 Rosin Core) - ..031" Diameter, 1 lb Spool, contains lead alloy.
    Kester 44 Rosin Flux is an activated rosin formula for use in flux-cored solder wire. Kester 44 Rosin Flux has virtually dominated the field of activated rosin core solders for well over four decades. An outstanding performance feature of this flux is the “instant-action” wetting behavior.
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    P-GV5-ST-LHVibramate - V5 Short Tail, Left-Handed, for Bigsby B5
    Colors Available:

    Vibramate Short Tail V5 Adaptor Mounting Kit, Left Handed, For Bigsby B5 The Vibramate Left Handed V5 Short Tail Mounting Kit is the same as the Original V5 kit but designed for tighter locations such as the SG Classic style guitars that feature a larger pickguard and require a left handed orientation. The Vibramate V5 is for mounting a Bigsby B5 Original Vibrato and will fit most traditional style guitars that have a tune-a-matic style bridge and a stop-tailpiece. The kit installs in minutes with the included hardware and eliminates the need for drilling permanent holes in your instrument. Vibramate comes with 3 felt-pads secured to the bottom of the mounting plate for a soft touch to the top of your guitar.

    Starting at $61.00
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    P-GGT-93-GTuner - Gotoh, Vintage Style, Gold
    Gotoh vintage style guitar machine heads w/staggered posts, gold, 6-in-line.

    • Vintage style slotted post
    • 15:1 gear ratio
    • 6-in-line orientation
    • Mounting hardware included
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    P-GTNN-ZBXNut - Gold Tone, Zero Glide Blank (Unslotted)
    Multiple Options Available

    The Zero Glide® Replacement Nut System borrows the “zero fret” concept to reduce string contact in the nut by up to 93%, increasing tuning stability, playability, and open string tone. It only take a few minutes to install with absolutely no permanent alteration to your instrument. Zero fret wire included.

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    P-GH-HB7-CTuning Machine - Hipshot, HB7, Chrome

    The Hipshot HB7 tuning machine allows you to upgrade your stock Made In Mexico Fender bass with high quality replacements.

    • Classic design
    • 27.1 gear ratio
    • Chrome finish
    • Includes mounting hardware

    On Backorder
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    P-GP102Pickup Part - Metal Spacers
    Metal spacer for building or repairing 7-string humbucking pickups. This spacer is found under the adjustable screw side of the pickup and is compatible with our 7-string baseplate (P-GP-PLATE-3) and screw-side bobbin (P-GP100).
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    (15 pages)
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