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B-980Fundamentals of Guitar Amplifier: System Design by Richard Kuehnel

Books about guitar amplifier electronics usually focus on individual circuits: preamp stages, tone stacks, phase inverters, the power amp, and power supply. Fundamentals of Guitar Amplifier System Design presents a structured, top-down approach to crafting a complete guitar amplifier.

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C-EC30-20-475Capacitor - CE Mfg., 475V, 30/20µF, Electrolytic

CE Manufacturing USA Made Multi Section Can Capacitor. Reproduced To Exact Mallory Specs Using Original Mallory Machinery. The C-EC30-20-475 is a great replacement for the original can capacitors found in H.H. Scott 299 amplifiers as well as others.

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C-ETX-50-ILCapacitor - Illinois, 50V, Axial Lead Electrolytic

High quality low leakage tubular electrolytic capacitor. Rated for 85° C operation. Tolerance -20%, +50%. Axial leads. Rated for 50V max.

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P-BAR-H492-U-10Keeper Bar - 10 Hole, 49.2mm, Raw Steel, USA

Original, made in USA, 10-hole keeper bar for 49.2mm spacing. This P.A.F. correct keeper bar is great for humbucker and P-90 pickups. Made of raw steel.

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P-BAS-H492-SL-UBaseplate - Humbucker, 49.2mm, Universal, USA

Original, made in USA, humbucker frame with universal holes for multiple configurations. This premium baseplate has a 49.2mm spacing and is made of raw nickel silver.

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Choke - Hammond, replacement for Vox TB35C2

16H @ 40 mA guitar amplifier replacement for Vox TB35C2 Tony Bruno. Physically, parts were designed to look similar to original factory units (where possible). Material used & design specs. were kept as close as possible to the original part to preserve the stock "tone".

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P-GH-XK-3C-TTuner - Hipshot, BT10 Treble Extender Key, Nickel

Retrofit your Japanese-made* Fender bass for drop-tuning with the BT10 Xtender key. Bushing fits 15mm (19/32”) headstock hole. Sold Individually.

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P-GKLU-P3H-NOTuners - Kluson, Prestige, Horizontal, 3 per side

Kluson's Prestige Series horizontal mount tuners have a beautiful vintage style with a modern gear ratio for precision performance. Set includes mounting screws.

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P-GKLU-P3V-XTuners - Kluson, Prestige, Vertical, 3 per side
Color / Button Types Available:

Kluson's Prestige Series vertical mount tuners have a beautiful vintage style with a modern gear ratio for precision performance. Set includes mounting screws and bushings.

Starting at $44.75
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P-GTSG-STRAT-RWString Guides - Fender®, Road Worn®, for Stratocaster
Fender® Stratocaster string guides (sold individually).

String guides are also known as string trees or string retainers.

See P-GTSG-STRAT for standard version.

This product is available in the Road Worn® style. The Fender® Road Worn® series is comprised of genuine Fender® parts that have been crafted to look and feel like truly vintage parts. All parts are designed to the same specs as originals and feature patina and signs of a well played guitar part. Fender® Road Worn® parts won't stick out like a sore thumb on vintage and relic'd guitars.
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(7 pages)