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P-SW57Switch - Fender®, Push SLFLK Short
Genuine Fender replacement switch
  • Push SLFLK Short Stroke
  • 6 pin PCB mount
  • Package of 2

Fender part# 0028091049
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P-GH-TK-1Tuner Upgrade Kit - Hipshot, Vintage

Finding the right aftermarket tuners that match up with your guitar's mounting hole pattern can be a guessing game and if your new tuners don't match, you're stuck drilling new holes, filling the old holes and screwing in the new tuners. That's why Hipshot made the UMP™ (Universal Mount Plate). The UMP™ is a patent pending adapter plate that fits between your Hipshot tuners and the headstock of your guitar. Tabs on the face of the plate prevent the tuners from slipping against the headstock. At the same time, reach nuts inserted through the existing headstock holes into the tuners keep the whole assembly securely in place.

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P-K546-XKnob - Top Hat, Tone or Volume label, Gibson Style
Colors Available:

Gibson style top hat knob. Multiple color options available

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T-KT150-TUNGKT150 - Tung-Sol
Multiple Options Available
Tung Sol KT150 power pentode tube. Made in Russia.
With a massive plate dissipation of 70 watts, the Tung-Sol KT150 is the most powerful octal beam tetrode ever produced. A pair of KT150s can allow an amplifier with a power output approaching 300 watts to be built.
The Tung-Sol KT150 glass envelope is a special egg shaped balloon that was developed to improve thermal dissipation and maintain a superior vacuum for the best sound. The fact that the glass envelope has no flat sides means the Tung-Sol KT150 has no problems with microphonics.
Starting at $93.95
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S-T25-XFret Saw - Standard Model
Multiple Options Available

Standard fret slot cutting saw with 0.50/0.60 mm pitch. Made in Japan. Overall length = 324 mm (12 ¾”) Cutting Length = 115 mm (4 ½”) Blade Depth = 30 mm (1 3/16”)

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T-6550A-STR-TAD6550A-STR – Tube Amp Doctor
6550A-STR TAD Premium Matched
Remake of the Classical GE6550A - TAD 6550A-STR PREMIUM Selected
NEW VERSION: Since Sept. 2010, the TAD 6550A-STR has been manufactured with a stronger and exceptionally pure anode material combination. In conjunction with the extended TAD burn-in and formating process, the 6550A-STR reaches an outstanding consistency and stability and outperformes even the 6550C -C-. This makes the 6550A-STR withstand even the most critical application like e.g. the Ampeg SVT. (Fits only without the tube retainer!)
The TAD 6550A-STR is a true remake of the vintage GE 6550A with a heavy, straight glass envelope, polished metal base and the authentic triple getter construction. A balanced tube, known for its incredible bottom end and rich mids. Smooth, liquid bass, natural sounding tone and a wide open character make this tube extremely popular for bass guitar amps and High End Hi-Fi applications.
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P-A-CV-75-8Speaker - Eminence® Redcoat, 12", CV-75, 75 watts, 8 ohm
British lead/rhythm guitar 12" speaker, 8 ohm.
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C-FVDX-150Capacitor - Fender, 150V, Vintage '50s
Multiple Options Available
Fender offers a wide selection of Pure Vintage electronics to players looking to restore or upgrade their guitar or amplifier with classic Fender in mind. From potentiometers to select capacitors, tube sockets and more, these electronics are created to closely replicate original-era Fender parts and have been used on a number of Fender reissue instruments and amplifiers, including our American Vintage series of guitars and basses.
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P-K368XKnob Cap - Fender, S-1 Switch, Strat
Colors Available:
Genuine Fender replacement knob cap for S-1 switch.
Direct Replacement for P-K358X
Starting at $4.25
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S-HM301Switch - Marshall, Toggle, DPST, Chrome Tip

Marshall toggle switch, latching 2 position DPST (ON-OFF). 15A 250VAC rating. Used for Mains and Standby switch in Marshall 1959SLP, 1987X, 2245 and others.

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(22 pages)
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