Op-Amp - Orange, Dual Discrete, Low-Noise, 8-Pin DIP

Op-Amp - Orange, Dual Discrete, Low-Noise, 8-Pin DIP

Op-Amp - Orange, Dual Discrete, Low-Noise, 8-Pin DIP image 1
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The Dual Discrete op-amp is specially designed for audio and is among the most musical sounding dual discrete op-amps out there. It is available in DIP 8 format and can be used in any CD player, DAC, or preamplifier that currently runs DIP 8 based IC dual op-amp types.

The overall soundstage and transient detail will be greatly improved when used in pretty much all audio equipment that it can physically be fitted to. It has a very low noise Jfet front end so it can run with input impedances above 1M Ohms if needed. It can replace the following, provided the equipment it’s being used in has 22mm of height clearance and 5mm side clearance (per side).

  • OPA2604
  • OPA2134
  • TL072
  • NE5532
  • LM4562
  • OP275
  • OP285

Please check that the PSU can supply the extra current needed, especially if replacing more than one existing IC op-amp with our op-amp as with all discrete types, they do draw more current. Please refer to the spec sheet for details.

The Orange Dual Discrete Op-Amp is unity gain stable. When using it in new designs where gain (inverting or non inverting) is being added, a feedback loop bypass capacitor of 15pf is all that’s needed to completely stabilise it. The spec-sheet shows a max ± rail voltage of 18 volts.

RoHS Compliant
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Product Measurements by Type
Crosstalk Distortion> 90 dB
Gain Bandwidth Product (gbw)50 MHz
Harmonic Distortion0.002 %
Input Bias Current (IB)110 μA - 300 μA, 190 μA typical
Input Offset Current (IIO)0.05 mA - 0.15 mA, 0.1 mA typical
Input Offset Voltage (VIO)0.2 mV
Input Resistance (RIN)50 MΩ
Open Loop Bandwidth48 kHz
Open Loop Gain112 dB
Operating Temperature (TJ)-25°C to 50°C
Output Impedance (Zout)0.3 Ω
Quiescent Current (IQ)18 mA
Slew Rate (sr)50 MHz
Supply Voltage Rating (V+ / V-)± 4.5 to ± 18 V, ± 15 V typical
storage temperature (Tstg)-60°C to 80 °C
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions2.132 in. × 1.539 in. × 1.033 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.034 lbs.

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PDF: Specification Sheet Specification Sheet313.3 KB

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2.00 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
- July 3rd, 2019
2 out of 5

I made better discrete op amps when I was in high school. None of the active parts have been pretested & selected for optimum performance. The passive parts are NOT the premium parts Orange claims them to be. For $55 it is utter bull****. The variances in the randomly selected JEFTs are not going to give you anything appreciably better than a regular chip made on a substrate. Were these hand selected for complimentary pairs where applicable, and correct biasing, I would pay $150 for one, but it is just a part that cost 100x than a part the does the same thing to degrees that are not appreciably better or worse on a consistent basis. So without hand selecting matched parts one op amp might be great and the next one will be a total turd that is not even as good a the 50 cent part. The way the pins are supported is also a total joke. They should have made polycarbonate plate with 8 holes in it and put that below those 4 hole strips. These were obviously made to a price point, but as is so often the case with Orange, they have missed the mark yet again, and dumbed down what could have been a stellar product and made it into another mediocre joke product.