Pedal Parts / DIY

Transistor - OC43, Germanium, SO-2 glass case, PNP
OC43 PNP germanium transistors. The OC43 is a popular PNP for fuzz pedals and boost effects. This transistor is in a glass SO-2 package with long leads commonly found on germanium transistors. The dot indicates the collector lead.
Transistor - BC108C, Philips, TO-18 case, NPN
BC108C NPN silicon transistors made by Philips. The BC108C is a popular NPN choice for fuzz pedals and other effects such as vintage silicon Fuzz Face builds and Big Muff clones.
Capacitor - Philips, KT-347, 400V, .015uF, Polyester Film
New old stock radial capacitors from Philips with 10mm lead spacing. The KT-347 series capacitors feature the same lacquer coating as the Mullard / Philips mustard caps found in classic Marshall amps and many vintage pedals. These NOS caps feature a low-inductive wound cell of metal foil and a polyethylene terephthalate film.