Pickup - McNelly, Tele, A5 Signature Plus

Pickup - McNelly, Tele, A5 Signature Plus

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“The Alnico 5 Signature is higher output than traditional vintage styles. Tight bass, present mids, and a conveniently subdued treble. It's there if you want it, but you're in control. If I were Leo, this is what I would have made in 1950.”

–McNelly Pickups

McNelly is garnering the highest praises from musicians and luthiers for the wonderful tone of their pickups. All McNelly pickups are hand made in Canada with an eye and an ear for detail. While McNelly uses the same high quality parts and crafting techniques that could only be found in vintage pickups, the designs feature tonal improvements and unique developments that separate the McNelly sound from the rest.

“A great pickup isn't the result of one magical ingredient or detail. It's a combination of great design that's followed through with great quality and execution. Some of the differences are noticeable before you even hear them; they are hand made and the care that goes into them is obvious. We use high quality parts, polish every rod magnet right here in the shop, the solder joints look stunning. It's a level of detail that we're willing to take time for and feel is important; we bring sexy back to pickups. Tone: Our pickups aren't all designed to strictly emulate other pickups, but to improve in areas that will make them even more functional and enjoyable for players. The complexity, dynamics, and balance are notable - we get the emails about it. Besides, we'd rather have others trying to copy us. So that's how we roll.”

–McNelly Pickups

Item ID:
Part Numbers
PositionOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Product Measurements by Type
HeightNeck versionP-PUMC-A5PN-N0.535 in.
Height with plateBridge versionP-PUMC-A5PB0.67 in.
Neck versionP-PUMC-A5PN-N0.72 in.
LengthNeck versionP-PUMC-A5PN-N2.5750 in.
Length with plateBridge versionP-PUMC-A5PB2.87 in.
Neck versionP-PUMC-A5PN-N3.0785 in.
Mounting CenterNeck versionP-PUMC-A5PN-N2.8350 in.
Mounting Center Base (longer distance)Bridge versionP-PUMC-A5PB1.7323 in.
Mounting Center Legs (shorter distance)Bridge versionP-PUMC-A5PB1.4173 in.
WidthBridge versionP-PUMC-A5PB0.74 in.
Neck versionP-PUMC-A5PN-N0.585 in.
Width with plateBridge versionP-PUMC-A5PB1.50 in.
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions6.75 in. × 4.25 in. × 3.25 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.431 lbs.
Product Measurements by Item
P-PUMC-A5PB - Bridge versionHeight with plate0.67 in.
Length with plate2.87 in.
Mounting Center Base (longer distance)1.7323 in.
Mounting Center Legs (shorter distance)1.4173 in.
Width0.74 in.
Width with plate1.50 in.
P-PUMC-A5PN-N - Neck versionHeight0.535 in.
Height with plate0.72 in.
Length2.5750 in.
Length with plate3.0785 in.
Mounting Center2.8350 in.
Width0.585 in.

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PDF: A5 Signature Plus Manual A5 Signature Plus Manual275.05 KB

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Asked by Nicolas on April 24th, 2022.
April 25th, 2022
Staff Member
McNelly intentionally refrains from providing the DCR ratings for their pickups. Please see their website for details.

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