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Cable Clamp - Nylon, .203” Mounting Hole
Nylon cable clamps perfect for securing cables to cabinet walls. These clamps feature a .203 in. mounting hole. The ⅜ in. diameter cable clamp is commonly used on Fender® amplifiers for securing the power cord. SKU Diameter P-HCABLECLAMP-38 ⅜ in. P-HCABLECLAMP-12 ½ in.
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Cable Clamp - for ¼" Cable Diameter, Nylon
Nylon cable clamp with room for 1/4” cable outer diameter. Perfect for securing cables to cabinet walls. For larger ½” cable clamps see P-HCABLECLAMP-10.
Cable Tie Mount - Nylon, Adhesive Backing
Package of 5
Colors Available:
Nylon cable tie mounts with adhesive backing. These mounts easily attach to most surfaces using a strong foam adhesive. Zip ties can be fed through the openings on the mount to secure wires to an enclosure, board, or any other convenient location.
Cable Tie - Nylon, 5.5”, 18 lb
Package of 10
Colors Available:
Durable nylon cable ties. These zip ties are a great way to tidy up project wiring and securing components. Features
  • Approved for outdoor use.
  • UL Listed 6.6 nylon.
  • Locks tightly - Won’t stretch or slide.
  • Temperature range from 40° to 180°F.