Power Supplies & Accessories

Receptacle - AC power plug with fuse holder, 10A, 250VAC
Black plastic AC power entry module with built in fuse holder. This power entry module is rated at 10A, 250VAC and fits 5mm x 20mm fuses. Mates with S-W123 & S-W124
Receptacle - IEC C14, Bulgin, Replacement for Marshall Pignose
Black nylon AC power entry connector with the same mounting dimensions as the original Bulgin “Pignose” connectors used on early Marshall amps. This connector allows the amp to be fitted with a safer connector with no modifications to the chassis. Mounting hardware not included.
Cord - Power, 18 AWG, 3 Conductor, SVT, 6 ft, Gray
18AWG SVT power cords used in many amplifiers along with other appliances and equipment. These cords feature bare ends for hard wiring to devices internally or using a connector. The attached plug is a Nema 5-15P for North American grounded outlets. SVT cords have a thinner insulation than SJT cords. This version comes in gray to pair with vintage style amps and equipment.
Battery Clip / Snap - for 9 Volt batteries
9 volt battery clip with 5 3/4" red and black wire lengths. Simple construction and perfect for use in effects pedals. Package of three.
package of 3
Battery Clip - Premium, 9 Volt, Rigid Frame, T-Style, Shielded Eyelets
Premium 9V battery clip made of a rigid plastic frame with an insulating wall enclosing the battery terminals. This high quality battery snap features nickel-plated brass contacts. The six inch leads are 26 AWG stranded wire, prestripped and tinned for an easy installation.
Battery Holder - 9V, Chassis Mount, Vertical
High quality chassis mount battery holder. This steel holder fits standard 9V batteries. The vertical mount and small footprint of the holder are great for narrow spaces and work well for any project. See S-H158 for horizontal-mount.
Cable Clamp - Black Nylon, .203” Mounting Hole
Black nylon cable clamps perfect for securing cables to cabinet walls. These clamps feature a .203 in. mounting hole. The ⅜ in. diameter cable clamp is commonly used on Fender® amplifiers for securing the power cord. The ¼ in. diameter cable clamp is commonly used on Fender® amplifiers for securing the RCA reverb tank cables. The 5/16 in. version works well with the S-W125X and S-W132X bare end power cables. See P-HCABLECLAMP-X for white nylon versions of these clamps.
Fuse Holder - for Marshall, ¼" Fuses
Fuse Holder - High Quality Marshall Snap-In Style (Fits 5/8" to 11/16" Chassis Holes). Suitable for 1/4" fuses. UL and CSA approved. Electrical Specifications:
  • Rated current: 10A
  • Rated voltage: 250V AC
  • Contact resistance: 2MΩ @ 250V DC or less
  • Dialectric withstand: 1 minute @ 1500V AC
  • Insulation resistance: 100MΩ or more @ 500V DC
Cable - Battery to 2.1mm DC Plug, Center Negative
Cable for connecting 9V batteries to pedals via their DC input jack. This cable is great for using batteries with pedals that don’t have a battery compartment or for quickly switching from a power supply to a battery. This cable is 3 ¼” inches in length. The barrel plug has a 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.1mm inner diameter. Battery not included.
PCB - Charge Pump, -9V from +9V, Screw Mount
Screw mounted charge pump PCB for positive ground effects. This small PCB provides -9V when used with a standard +9V power supply. This is a great option for positive ground effects such as vintage fuzz pedals. The PCB has a low profile design and is a simple addition to any build using a standoff to mount the board. This board is compatible with the MAX1044, TC1044S, TC7660S, and LT1054 charge pump ICs.
Cord - Power, for European plugs, 8 feet
Detachable 3 conductor power cord for European wall outlets. GTSA-3 (Marshall™ type) 18 AWG. 2-1/2 meters (about 8 feet) length, 1/4” outer diameter.
Fuse - Fast-Blow, Miniature, GMA-type 5mm x 20mm
Protect your expensive investment or hobby with inexpensive fuses. • GMA Type • Measures .78"(20mm) in length, 0.19"(5mm) in diameter • Fast-Blow • Package of 5
Starting at $3.25
package of 5
PCB - Marshall, Valve PCB TSL100 / TSL122, Rev 20
Marshall PC Board for TSL 100 / 122. Rev 20.
Board - Marshall, Replacement for JCM 2000 DSL 100
Replacement board for Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 amplifiers which frequently have issues with original boards. This replacement can bring your amp back to life!
Power Jack - Lumberg, DC Panel Mount, Snap-in, 5.5mm External, 2.1mm Internal
Snap-in Lumberg panel mount barrel jack with solder lugs. This high quality jack is a similar size to the Lumberg low profile jack but easily snaps into place with no need to thread a nut inside the chassis. For use with barrel plugs with a 5.5mm external diameter and 2.1mm internal diameter.
Fuse Holder - 3AG-Type, High Quality, Low Profile
High quality fuse holder used with 3AG type fuse. This fuse holder features a low profile design. This holder used 0.187” (4.8mm) quick connect tabs that can also be soldered to. Mounting nut included. 13.2mm hole required for mounting.
Battery Holder - AA, Chassis Mount, Metal Frame, Double
Metal frame AA battery holder. This battery holder fits two AA batteries and is a great option for electronics that run on 3V. It features two solder lugs for connecting wires to the positive and negative ends. The battery holder in the original FZ-1 fuzz pedals looks nearly identical to this holder.
Cable Tie - durable Nylon, 5.5”, 18 lb
Colors Available:
Durable nylon cable ties. These zip ties are a great way to tidy up project wiring and securing components. Features
  • Approved for outdoor use.
  • UL Listed 6.6 nylon.
  • Locks tightly - Won’t stretch or slide.
  • Temperature range from 40° to 180°F.
package of 10
Cable - Power All, 5 Lead Right Angle Daisy Chain
Right Angle Daisy Chain connector with standard polarity tip negative/barrel positive plugs connects the Power-All® ECO-Dapter® 9 VDC power supply to five effect pedals. The Cable-5/R can also be used with Power-All jumper cables to power effects that use different style jacks (reverse polarity, phone plug, battery clip, etc.). You can also link multiple Cable-5/R connectors to power over twenty 9-volt effect pedals or similar devices (actual number of units depends on current draw of individual units used).
Battery Box - Gotoh, BB-04, Single, 9 volt
Single 9 volt battery box. See P-ECB-9V1B for single battery box with removable adapter. See P-ECB-9V2 for double battery box.
Battery Holder with Connector - 9V, Chassis Mount, Horizontal
High quality chassis mount battery holder with a built-in connector. This clip fits standard 9V batteries. The horizontal mount and small footprint of the holder allows for easy placement where vertical space is limited. The two connections use individual solder tabs for hard wiring directly into projects providing a rugged and stable connection.
Plug - AC, Flat, Brown, vintage style two prong
A new two-prong plug, acceptable as a retro or vintage substitute. The plug easily accepts our twisted 18 and 16 gauge wires (two-conductor only). Wire Opening Diameter: 11.2 mm x 8.4 mm, 7/16" x 5/16" UL Rating: 15A-125V Made in Mexico
Fuse Holder Cap - Marshall, for 900 Series
Fuse holder cap for Marshall™ 900 series amps. Measures 5/8" in length. Fits into S-H213
Box Header - Shrouded, 10 Pin, Right Angle
High quality right angled 10-pin headers. Right angled headers are perfect for compact eurorack builds. The durable glass filled polyester shroud makes soldering these shrouded headers a simple task.