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P-H183Washer - Rubber, Chassis Mount, 1-¼" x ¼" Thick
Gum rubber chassis mounting washers as used on thirties vintage Zenith and Philco radio. 1/4 inner dia. Allows proper dial centering in cabinet opening. Overall dimensions 1 1/4" dia. x 1/4" thick.
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S-F302Lacquer - Mohawk, Ultra-Flo Clear, Satin, 13 oz can
Formulated with special resins and solvents to provide a finish film free of orange peel. Little or no overspray when used over spot repairs over an existing lacquer finish. Saves time, as the finish film will not require sanding or rubbing.
Postal regulations prohibit shipping aerosol cans outside the continental U.S.
Cannot be shipped by USPS or Priority Mail as well as other air services such as UPS Overnight, UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS 3 Day.
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S-H11-4034Fahnestock Clip - package of 100 (Package of 100)
Spring clip ¾" long for up to 15 ga. wire. Hole fits U.S. Screw size # 6. Package of 100.
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S-H11-4043-6Fahnestock Clip - package of 6
Spring clip ¾" long for up to 15 ga. wire. Hole fits U.S. Screw size # 6. Package of 6.
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S-M905Decal - Emerson
Water slide decal (not a sticker). Emerson treble-clef logo is gold with black outline, in 2 common sizes.

Contains the words:

  • 'OFF-ON'
  • 'VOLUME'
  • 'TONE'
  • 'BAND'
  • 'AM'
  • 'FM'
  • 'BC'
  • 'SW'
  • 'POL'
  • 'AV'


  • .55 x .75"
  • .70" x .95"
  • .6" x .15"
  • .24" x .15"
  • .65" x .15"
  • .24" x .15"
  • .4" x .15"
  • .24" x .15"
  • .45" x .15"
  • .4" x .15"
  • .24" x .15"
  • .25" x .15"
You save: 8%
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S-M907Decal - Philco
Water slide decal (not a sticker). Features the Philco name in 3 sizes and 20 different knob function labels as found on Philco receivers of the 1930s and 1940s. Includes OFF-ON, BASS, B'DC'ST, POL, SW, TONE, BAND SELECTOR, TRANSITONE, HIGH FIDELITY, MAGNETIC TUNING, VOLUME, TREBLE, SELECTIVITY, AND PHONO-RADIO all in gold with black outline. Many of the words are curved to follow the contour of the knobs.
Knob Sticker widths vary from 1.25 to 1.5"
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S-W102GWire - 18 Gauge Braided Power Cord, Parallel Gold, per foot
105°C temperature rating, 600V.
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S-W106Wire - 54/38 Strand Litz, 20 Minimum per Order!!!!!!

54/38 Strand-Litz wire, may be color dyed. Good for loop antennas Cotton wrap. 20 foot minimum. 105°C temperature rating, 600V.

A minimum order of at least 20 is required.
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S-W32-146Wire - Stranded Aerial, for antennae, 50 feet

16 gauge copper wire, non insulated for outside antennas. 105°C temperature rating, 600V.

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K-501Amp Kit - Monoblock Tube Amplifier
Tube designs rival the sound of high end audio amplifiers that cost 10 times as much! This kit was designed by George Fathauer. Enjoy the thrill of high end audio without going broke and enjoy the satisfaction in building it yourself. Kit come complete will all parts and easy to follow instructions.
Uses 11MS8 Power tubes included with the kit. Also includes board for mounting PC board and transformers.
Input Impedance: 100K ohms
Output Impedance: 8 ohms
Power Output: 8 watts per channel
Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz
Minimum Input for Full Output: 0.3 V
Total Harmonic Distortion @ 1 W:
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