Reverb Tank - Accutronics, 8AB3C1B, Long Decay, 3-Spring

Reverb Tank - Accutronics, 8AB3C1B, Long Decay, 3-Spring

Reverb Tank - Accutronics, 8AB3C1B, Long Decay, 3-Spring image 1
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  • Replaces: 8AB3C1B
  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Type: Short (3 Spring) tank
  • Decay: long decay
  • Input: 10 Ω
  • Output: 2,575 Ω
  • Connectors: Input insulated/output grounded
  • Locking: No lock
  • Mounting: Horizontal/open side down

New production Accutronics tank.

Questions about reverb tanks? See our tech articles for more information.

Note: Rubber grommets are not included with this tank. If you would like to purchase the grommets separately please see P-G001.

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Accu-Bell Sound Part Number:
Number Of Springs:
Tank Length:
RoHS Compliant
Product Measurements by Type
Connectorsinput insulated, output grounded
Decay Timelong (2.75 to 4.0 s)
Input Impedance10 Ω
Mounting Planehorizontal, open side down
Output Impedance (Zout)2.575 kΩ
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions9.3 in. × 3.4 in. × 1.4 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.647 lbs.

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Asked by Anonymous on March 27th, 2023.
March 27th, 2023
Staff Member
Guitar amps typically use medium or long decay, but there isn't a standard decay time for all guitar amps. This is also a matter of personal preference, so if you prefer a longer ambient effect, the long decay is ideal. The decay time has no bearing on the functionality in the amp, so either option is safe to use provided the other specs are correct.

Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
Glenalbyn - August 27th, 2019
5 out of 5

Replaced stock reverb tank in 80’s Super Champ with this. Sounds huge!

T.J.McWave - April 8th, 2019
5 out of 5

I blew the tank in my 1976 Yamaha 50 112. Needed a replacement. Checked out the Tech Corner article and videos on reverb tanks. Very helpful highly recommended! Found the best replacement( don't forget the rubber grommets)The Amp sounds as good as new.The reverb is beautiful! Sounds like the solid state blackface as advertised in 1976.