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Reverb Tank - Accutronics, 9AB3C1B

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Item ID: 003291
Price: $26.95
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  • Replacement Reverb Tank for 9AB3C1B
  • Solid, Sturdy Construction
  • Long (16 ¾") 3 Spring Unit , Long Decay (2.75 to 4.0 seconds)
  • Input Impedance 10 Ohms, Output Impedance 2575 Ohms
  • Input Insulated/Output Grounded
  • Horizontal, Open Side Down Mounting Plane

Compatible Amps Include: Select Fender® ,Hughes&Kettner, Marshall™, Ampeg, Crate, Mesa Boogie, Guytron, Rocktron, DOD, Summit Audio, and Smokey amp models plus others.

Questions about reverb tanks? Please see Accutronics Products and Specifications. For an in detail write-up about reverb tanks please see Accutronics Products and Specifications.

UPC/EAN: 609722126779

RoHS Compliant

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This is a killer tank, and a good upgrade for Mesa or other amps with a medium decay tank. I have pushed these with 8 Ohm output transformers for Fender Champs, or even Vox AC4s and used 6V6GT, 6K6GT, 6W6GT, EL84, 6AQ5, 6973 (a favorite) and run 1 or even 4 tanks in series parallel for a 12 spring tank! 12 spring tanks usually require some EQ too keep them from becoming too boomy, so dig out the op amp spec sheets and find a good +/- (at least) 12dB parametric EQ circuit. - January 8th, 2018

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