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Reverb Tank - MOD®, 4AB3C1B, Long Decay, 2-Spring

Reverb Tank - MOD®, 4AB3C1B, Long Decay, 2-Spring image 1
Reverb Tank - MOD®, 4AB3C1B, Long Decay, 2-Spring image 2
Reverb Tank - MOD®, 4AB3C1B, Long Decay, 2-Spring image 3
Customer image:<br/>"with 15 watt chassis - beautiful sound"
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Reverb Tank - MOD®, 4AB3C1B, Long Decay, 2-Spring image 1Reverb Tank - MOD®, 4AB3C1B, Long Decay, 2-Spring image 2Reverb Tank - MOD®, 4AB3C1B, Long Decay, 2-Spring image 3
Customer Images:
Customer image: "with 15 watt chassis - beautiful sound"
Item ID: 003293
Price: $23.50
In Stock
Tank Length
Long (16.25")
Input Impedance
8 Ohm
Number Of Springs
2 Springs
Output Impedance
2,250 Ohm
  • Replaces: 4AB3C1B
  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Type: Long (2 Spring) tank
  • Decay: long decay
  • Input: 8 Ω
  • Output: 2,250 Ω
  • Connectors: Input insulated/output grounded
  • Locking: No lock
  • Mounting: Horizontal/open side down

Compatible amps include tube reverbs from 1963-1990 such as the Princeton Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, Super Reverb, Pro Reverb, Twin Reverb, Quad Reverb, Super Six Reverb, Vibrosonic Reverb. This also includes all reissue equivalents. Also includes Fender® ’63 Reissue Reverb Unit, Fender® Concert II, Mesa Boogie® MK2C plus other models, LAB® Series L5, L7, L9, Koch® Powertone I, B-52® AT-100. Also compatible with some speaker-driven, type F, vintage Ampeg® amps such as B12X, B12XY, Echo Jet, Echo Twin.

The MOD® Reverb Tanks are high quality upgrade units. Some of the major differences between the MOD®s and other reverb tanks are that the Transducers are wired directly to their respective RCA jacks as opposed to current production tanks where Transducers are connected by a detachable plug to their respective RCA jacks. This makes the tanks less receptive to any outside interference. The original Hammond Accutronics tanks from the 1960s were also wired directly to their respective RCA jacks. In addition, very close attention has been paid to the spacing and size of the lamination of the Transducers resulting in a more vintage like tone.

Questions about reverb tanks? See our tech articles for more information.

UPC/EAN: 797734820928

RoHS Compliant

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Product Reviews

4.65 out of 5 based on 20 reviews


5 out of 5

The MOD tanks sounds smoother and warmer than my Fender Twin's original (2005) Accutronics tank. AES was fantastic as usual with shipping; careful packaging and a quick delivery!

- June 18th, 2015
4 out of 5

This tank replaced the noisy original one in my 1971 Fender Vibrolux Reverb. The old one had a very loose spring that constantly chattered and crashed making it unusable. This new MOD unit is well made and installed easily. Mounted on the original backing board, wrapped in thin bubble wrap and enclosed in the vinyl reverb bag, it is well isolated and very quiet. Every tank has it's own sound I've come to know, and this MOD unit has a rather dark tone with slightly rolled off highs, not bright and drippy like some reverbs in other Fender amps. Oh well... nonetheless serviceable and a good sound as it is but not the best I've heard. Thanks AES for helping me get the right tank

- April 8th, 2015
4 out of 5

Very rich reverb, maybe a bit too rich but hey, who's counting seconds???? You can always turn it down! Very nice! Best alternative since Accutronics went overseas. Great value.

- February 27th, 2015
5 out of 5

I was refered to this reverb tank as the one to get from an over qualified expert.
Unfortunately, this one does not sound good and the reverb is much too long and not pleasant.

- February 13th, 2015
5 out of 5

As always I received the order in
A fast , efficient manner ,
Put this Reverb Tank in 67 Pro
Reverb , it sounds "awesome "
Thanks Tubes and More !

- February 3rd, 2015
5 out of 5

Nice semi-black finish, sounds great, perfect Fender replacement.

- December 12th, 2014
5 out of 5

Great sounding reverb pan that I really like in my Vibroverb that I built; not overly splashy, and has a little darker tone than other standard Fender replacement (which compliments your guitar tone, especially if you are using a Tele with a bright tone because the reverb does not amplify with too much treble like older style pans). In addition to the sound quality, I must also add that the pan is constructed very well, and the flat black finish looks more professional than gloss finishes on other pans.
Finally, I also like that this reverb pan is very affordable making it a nice addition to an amp build or for a replacement / upgrade of another amp. Very happy, and I will buy more of these for my Fender builds.

- December 6th, 2014
4 out of 5

This reverb tank is outstanding. I put this unit in my 63 reverb copy I built. And I was blown away at the sound and quality. I played this through my champ copy I made and am well please to say the least . Good job Mod!

- November 26th, 2014
5 out of 5

Just as advertised. Works well in my BF deluxe reverb clone.

- August 14th, 2014
5 out of 5

Sounds very Fendery.

- August 3rd, 2014


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