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Reverb Tank - MOD®, 9FB2A1C

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Price: $20.95
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  • Replacement Reverb Tank for 9FB2A1C
  • Solid, Sturdy Construction
  • Long (16 ¾") 3 Spring Unit , Medium Decay (1.75 to 3.0 seconds)
  • Input Impedance 1475 Ohms, Output Impedance 2575 Ohms
  • Input Grounded/Output Grounded
  • Vertical, Long Axis Horizontal, Connectors Up Mounting Plane

Compatible Amps Include: Ampeg® Reverberocket, Jet, Gemini, B12XT, AC12, V4, VT22, V2, VT40, GV15/22, Portaflex, Marshall® 2205,2210, Select Fender® , Peavey® , Music Man® models.

The MOD® Reverb Tanks are high quality upgrade units. Some of the major differences between the MOD®s and other reverb tanks are that the Transducers are wired directly to their respective RCA jacks as opposed to current production tanks where Transducers are connected by a detachable plug to their respective RCA jacks. This makes the tanks less receptive to any outside interference. The original Hammond Accutronics tanks from the 1960s were also wired directly to their respective RCA jacks. In addition very close attention has been paid to the spacing and size of the lamination of the Transducers resulting in a more vintage like tone.

Questions about reverb tanks? Please see Accutronics Products and Specifications. For an in detail write-up about reverb tanks please see Accutronics Products and Specifications.

UPC/EAN: 609722126670

RoHS Compliant

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This is the Fender sounding tank used to replace tanks in the ubiquitous classic Valco amps like the Glenwood, the Newport, or other National, Valco, Surpo, or Gretsch amps made when Baldwin owned Valco (between 1960 and 1969), and from a few late 1950s Gretsch amps. Valco generally used Hammond's Gibbs tanks for most of their amps, and custom made Rola, and Jensen speakers, so finding a true match for either the speakers or the reverb tanks is very problematic. You are not likely to find any Jensen P12N-S, P12R-S speakers, or Rola smooth cone large magnet speakers anywhere but inside an original Valco amp. If you can lose some of that lushness a Gibbs tank has or if you want a more in your face Fender sound, these Mod tanks will do the trick. I can pre-reset the dwell and do some minor filtering both coming & going & these Mod tanks will sound almost as good as the original Gibbs tanks. It's all easily reversible in any old Valco anyway. If you have a Fender that uses an F tank, this is probably what you want. Some Fenders had OC Folded Line tanks, which were Gibbs made. Nothing quite sounds like a Gibbs tank, yet. I have used Champ OTs to drive four 3 spring tanks, but when you get 12 springs going, you may want some filtering. Mod tanks work well there too. - February 18th, 2016

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