Reverb Tanks

Spring reverb tanks are used to create a unique reverberation effect in guitar amps and organs. The reverberation effect is created when an audio signal created by a transducer is sent through one or more springs, the movement of the springs is then converted back into an audio signal by another transducer at the other end, creating the unique sound. Not sure which tank you're looking for or what a 4AB3C1B is? Check out our spring reverb calculator to help you determine what these tank designations mean!
Reverb Tank - Mod®, 9FB2A1C, Medium Decay, 3-Spring
Long (3 Spring) tank, medium decay, 1,925Ω in / 2,575Ω out. Input grounded/output grounded connectors. Vertical/connectors up mounting. MOD® Reverb Tanks are high quality upgrade units.
Reverb Tank - Accutronics, 8DB2C1C, Medium Decay, 3-Spring
Short (3 Spring) tank, medium decay, 310Ω in / 2,575Ω out. Input insulated/output grounded connectors. Vertical/connectors up mounting. Designed for applications in which the overall sound quality is important and a compact package is required.