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P-RK-1BB2D1B1BB2D1B Reverb Tank, Accutronics
New Production Accutronics 1BB2D1B Spring Reverb Tank
  • Short (9 ΒΌ") 2 Spring Unit, Medium Decay
  • Input Impedance 150 Ohms, Output Impedance 2250 Ohms
  • Mounting: Horizontal Open Side Down
  • Connectors: Input Insulated/Output Insulated
  • Made In South Korea
Questions about reverb tanks?
Please see Accutronics Products and Specifications.
For an in detail write-up about reverb tanks please see
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P-RK-1AB2B1BReverb Tank - Accutronics - Made in Korea, 1AB2B1B
Short, 2 spring. 8 input ohms, 2,250 output ohms, medium decay.
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