Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 6", 620H, 20W

Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 6", 620H, 20W

Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 6", 620H, 20W image 1
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Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 6", 620H, 20W image 1Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 6", 620H, 20W image 2Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 6", 620H, 20W image 3
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Note: P-A-620H-8: 8 Ω is a special order item.
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Lead/Rhythm 6" guitar speaker. Warm, full, and clean tone that will make a small, thin amp sound bigger and fatter. Cleaner, warmer, fatter, and better definition than any stock 6" speaker.

Item ID:
Magnet Type:
RoHS Compliant
Part Numbers
ImpedanceOur Part NumberUPC/EANEminence Part Number
4 ΩP-A-620H-4876358002405 620H
8 ΩP-A-620H-8876358002528
Product Measurements by Type
Baffle Hole Diameter4 Ω versionP-A-620H-45.65 in.
Basket Material4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Pressed Sheet Steel
Coil Construction4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4copper voice coil
Coil Former4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Paper former
Coil Inductance (le)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-40.25 mH
Cone Composition4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Paper cone
Cone Edge Composition4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Full molded paper cone
Core Details4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Non-vented core
D.C. Resistance (Re) 4 Ω versionP-A-620H-43.94 Ω
Depth4 Ω versionP-A-620H-42.8 in.
Diameter8 Ω versionP-A-620H-86 in.
Driver Volume Displaced4 Ω versionP-A-620H-40.3 liters
Dust Cap Composition4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Paper dust cap
Efficiency Bandwidth Product (ebp)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4210
Electrical Q Factor (Qes)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-40.54
Equivalent Acoustic Volume (VAS)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-48.67 liters
Force Factor (BxL)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-45.62 Wb/m
Front Sealing Gasket4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Yes
Gap Height4 Ω versionP-A-620H-46.4 mm
Linear Displacement, maximum (XMAX)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-40.4 mm
Magnet Composition4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Ferrite
Magnet Weight4 Ω versionP-A-620H-415 oz.
Mechanical Compliance (CMS)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-40.32 mm/N
Mechanical Moving Mass (MMS)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-46 g
Mechanical Q Factor (QMS)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-45.5
Mounting Hole Bolt Circle Diameter4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4153.9 mm
Mounting Hole Diameter4 Ω versionP-A-620H-45.8mm
Nominal Basket Diameter4 Ω versionP-A-620H-46 in.
Nominal Impedance4 Ω versionP-A-620H-44 Ω
Overall Diameter4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4167.4 mm
Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume (vd)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-45.3 cm3
Power Rating4 Ω versionP-A-620H-420 W
Program Power Rating4 Ω versionP-A-620H-440 W
Rear Sealing Gasket4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4Yes
Resonance4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4114 Hz
Resonance Frequency (ƒS)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4114 Hz
Sensitivity4 Ω versionP-A-620H-494.6 dB
Surface Area Of Cone (sd)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4139.7 cm2
Total Q Factor (QTS)4 Ω versionP-A-620H-40.49
Usable Frequency Range4 Ω versionP-A-620H-4100 Hz - 5.3 kHz
Voice Coil Diameter4 Ω versionP-A-620H-41 in.
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions9.25 in. × 9.25 in. × 4.125 in.
Weight (Packaging)3.6 lbs.
Product Measurements by Item
P-A-620H-4 - 4 Ω versionBaffle Hole Diameter5.65 in.
Basket MaterialPressed Sheet Steel
Coil Constructioncopper voice coil
Coil FormerPaper former
Coil Inductance (le)0.25 mH
Cone CompositionPaper cone
Cone Edge CompositionFull molded paper cone
Core DetailsNon-vented core
D.C. Resistance (Re) 3.94 Ω
Depth2.8 in.
Driver Volume Displaced0.3 liters
Dust Cap CompositionPaper dust cap
Efficiency Bandwidth Product (ebp)210
Electrical Q Factor (Qes)0.54
Equivalent Acoustic Volume (VAS)8.67 liters
Force Factor (BxL)5.62 Wb/m
Front Sealing GasketYes
Gap Height6.4 mm
Linear Displacement, maximum (XMAX)0.4 mm
Magnet CompositionFerrite
Magnet Weight15 oz.
Mechanical Compliance (CMS)0.32 mm/N
Mechanical Moving Mass (MMS)6 g
Mechanical Q Factor (QMS)5.5
Mounting Hole Bolt Circle Diameter153.9 mm
Mounting Hole Diameter5.8mm
Nominal Basket Diameter6 in.
Nominal Impedance4 Ω
Overall Diameter167.4 mm
Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume (vd)5.3 cm3
Power Rating20 W
Program Power Rating40 W
Rear Sealing GasketYes
Resonance114 Hz
Resonance Frequency (ƒS)114 Hz
Sensitivity94.6 dB
Surface Area Of Cone (sd)139.7 cm2
Total Q Factor (QTS)0.49
Usable Frequency Range100 Hz - 5.3 kHz
Voice Coil Diameter1 in.
P-A-620H-8 - 8 Ω versionDiameter6 in.

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