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Jensen date code information

Information on how to determine when your Jensen speaker was manufactured

Which Jensen speakers can be used in which vintage amplifiers?

Use this handy list to determine which Jensen speakers are right for your vintage amplifier

Recommended Jensen speakers for your amplifier

Unsure which Jensen speakers are right for your amp? Use this tool to quickly determine which speakers are your best bet!

Wiring Diagrams
Jensen Tone Chart

Contains overall information, guitarist and bassist descriptions, as well as sound samples for all Jensen brand speakers we carry.

Speaker Impedance, Power Handling and Wiring

Learn how to match your guitar speaker(s) to your amplifier based on impedance and power handling (Includes the formulas for parallel and series resistance).

Speaker Diagram

This drawing will teach you the names of guitar speaker parts.

Guitar Speaker Power Handling

Learn about guitar speaker power handling to help choose a speaker to last a lifetime.