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P-A-BELL-TRBell Cover - Jensen®, fits Jet 10" & 12" Tornado Speakers
Bell cover for 10" Tornado (P-A-JN10-100TR) and 12" Tornado (P-A-JN12-100TR) speakers.
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P-A-BELL-NBell Cover - Jensen®, for Alnico N Type Speakers, Green

For use on Jensen P-A-P15N and P-A-P12N-NB to complete the vintage look of the originals.

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P-A-BELL-P-RBell Cover - Jensen®, for Alnico R Type Speakers

For use on the Jensen P-A-P8R, P-A-P10R, P-A-P12R and P-A-P12Q.

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P-A-SSDR3Compression Driver - Jensen Bass, 1", 8 ohm, V 1/1
1" 32W compression driver.
  • 1" voice coil Kapton former
  • Tri-acetate diaphragm
  • Ferrite magnet circuit
  • 80° x 80° coverage horn
  • 105.8 dB sensitivity
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Gaskets - Jensen®, for speaker cabinets, package of 4
Multiple Options Available

Additional gasket for speakers for proper spacing in Leslie and other cabinets. Four gaskets is enough for one speaker.

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P-A-JC12-100RPSpeaker - Jensen Jets, 12", The Raptor, 100W
Multiple Options Available

Coming Spring 2018.

  • Diameter: 12"
  • Impedance: 8/16Ω
  • Power: 100W

Powerful, smooth and warm. Excellent definition in the upper midrange. When presented with overdrive distortion, it exhibits a silky, full-sounding lead tone.

  • Lows: Fat/Deep
  • Mids: Firm/Vocal
  • Highs: Subtle/Extended
  • Overdrive: Smooth/Crunchy

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P-A-JN12-100TRSSpeaker - Jensen Jets, 12", Tornado Stealth 100
Multiple Options Available
  • Overall Diameter: 12"
  • Rated Power: 100 Watts
  • Lows: Loose/Fat
  • Mids: Subdued
  • Highs: Smooth

The Jensen Tornado Stealth 100 is derived from the original Jensen Tornado used in Fender’s® GB Signature Twin Reverb®, among others, with an added stylish bell cover on the magnet assembly. This speaker offers crystal clear, clean tones accented by shimmering highs with each note sounding tight and well defined.

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P-A-JN12-65TRSSpeaker - Jensen Jets, 12", Tornado Stealth 65
Multiple Options Available
  • Overall Diameter: 12"
  • Rated Power: 65 Watts
  • Lows: Fat
  • Mids: Subdued
  • Highs: Smooth

Equipped with a stylish bell, the Jensen Tornado Stealth 65 has a warm low end, relaxed mids and rounded highs. It responds to overdrive distortion with easy breakup and punch. The Stealth 65 is a greatly versatile speaker, from clean to lead, with sweet, extended harmonics and a definite rocking attitude.

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P-A-JN12-80TRSSpeaker - Jensen Jets, 12", Tornado Stealth 80
Multiple Options Available
  • Overall Diameter: 12"
  • Rated Power: 80 Watts
  • Lows: Tight/Deep
  • Mids: Firm
  • Highs: Bright

The Tornado Stealth 80 is equipped with a cool bell cover and is well balanced from low to high end with powerful lows, firm mids and sparkling highs. A very efficient and authoritative speaker, when presented with overdrive distortion, the Stealth 80 remains smooth with detailed note definition.

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P-A-BP10150-8Speaker - Jensen Punch Bass, 10", BP10/150, 150W, 8Ω
  • Overall Diameter: 10"
  • Rated Power: 150W
  • Sensitivity: 96.0 dB
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 2"
  • Magnet: Ferrite

Punch Sound speakers offer great dynamics and super-fast response, giving the player an extremely solid bass sound. Equipped with ferrite magnets and steel baskets, they are ideal for classic styles where a clean, tight and bright sound is required.

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(6 pages)
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