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P-AD-14XT14XT Diaphragm Kit, Peavey
Peavey 14XT™Diaphragm replacement kits include complete gap cleaning instructions.
(To prevent gap contamination by foreign materials, a failed diaphragm assembly should not be removed before a new diaphragm assembly is ready to be installed.)
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P-AD-CH90Diaphragm - Peavey CH-90
CDH-90 Horn Diaphram #70777115, 8 Ohm
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P-AD-44XTDiaphragm - Peavey 44XT
44XT™ Diaphragm replacement kit.
The 44XT driver is designed for easy repair. In the unlikely event of failure, simply remove three screws from the back cover, disconnect the lead wires from the diaphragm, remove all screws from the diaphragm, and remove the diaphragm.
Before you install the new diaphragm on the structure, the old ferrofluid will have to be removed and the gap must be cleaned.
Your replacement kit will consist of the following:
1. Two packets of ferrofluid
2. Strips of absorbent filter paper
3. One replacement diaphragm
4. The instruction sheet/Material Safety Data Sheet
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P-AD-PMR30851Diaphragm - Peavey PMR30851
Dia. 1 Dome Butterfly Diaphram # 70777146, 8 Ohm
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P-AD-RX22-22XTDiaphragm Kit - Peavey, RX22 and 22XT+
Combined replacement diaphragm kit for RX™ and 22XT high frequency drivers. RX™ 22 / 22XT diaphragm kit includes ferrofluid, 22XT spacer gasket, 22XT mounting screws, installation instructions, and material safety data sheet.
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