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P-A-LEGEND-CA154-4Speaker - Eminence® Bass, 15", Legend CA154, 300 watts
Bass guitar 15" speaker, 4 ohm. Pro sound 15"" Woofer for use in Bass Guitar cabinets or in a PA cabinet. Four Ohm Driver with High SPL.
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P-A-LEGEND-BP-102-XSpeaker - Eminence® Bass, 10", Legend BP102, 200 watts
Multiple Options Available
Bass guitar 10" speaker, 4 ohm. Recommended for professional bass guitar applications in a sealed or vented enclosure. Works well in single or multi driver designs.
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P-A-LEGEND-CB158-8Speaker - Eminence® Bass, 15", Legend CB158, 300 watts
Bass guitar 15" speaker, 8 ohm.
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P-A-S15K4-8-BSpeaker - 15 in. Sica PA, B-Stock, Neodymium, 1400 W, 8 Ohm
Clearance - New Old Stock B-Stock speaker.

B-Stock Speaker Blowout! You get a great deal on these speakers because they have been mounted. They have evidence of use such as solder on the lugs or scuffed paint at the mounting holes. All speakers have been tested and have full warranty.
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P-A-APT200SHorn Flare - Eminence®, APT 200S Radial
  • Horn Type: Radial
  • Throat Size: 1"
  • Dispersion: 90 x 90
  • Lowest Recommended Crossover: 1.3 kHz
  • Dimensions: 5.92" x 5.95" x 4.32"
  • Cut-out: 4.25"
  • Weight: 0.44 lbs
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P-A-DELTA-15B-16Speaker - Eminence® American, 15", Delta 15B, 400 watts
American Standard Series 15" speaker, 16 ohm. Recommended for professional audio as a mid-bass or vocal wedge in a sealed enclosure. Also suitable as a mid-bass or woofer in vented enclosures.
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P-A-DELTALITE-2510-8Speaker - Eminence® Neodymium, 10", Deltalite 2510, 250 watts
Neodymium Series 10" speaker, 8 ohm. Recommended for pro audio as a mid/hi or full-range and monitor. Also suited for bass guitar and works well in sealed or vented enclosures.
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P-A-DELTALITE-2512-8Speaker - Eminence® Neodymium, 12", Deltalite 2512, 250 watts
Neodymium Series 12" speaker, 8 ohm. Suited for pro audio as a mid/hi or full-range and monitor. Also recommended for bass guitar. Works well in sealed or vented enclosures.
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P-A-PSD-2002S-8Driver - Eminence®, 1", PSD 2002S-8, 8 ohms
HF compression driver, 1" throat and ceramic magnet. 80W power rating. 8 ohm. Screw-on version (mounting thread = 1 3/8 in. 18 ext.).
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P-A-THEWIZARD-16Speaker - Eminence® Redcoat, 12", The Wizard, 75 watts, 16 ohm
Lead/rhythm guitar 12" British speakers, 16 ohm. Very articulate, but with a hint of grit. Nice sustain and exceptionally good tight bottom. Cross between Private Jack and The Governor
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(51 pages)
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