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P-H540Switch - Carling, Mini Toggle, SPDT, 2 Position

Carling, SPDT mini toggle, 2 positions, ¼" mounting hole diameter, 0.354" bushing length.

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P-H35-148Switch - Toggle, DPDT, 3 Position, On-Off-On

3 position (on-off-on) heavy duty bat handle toggle switch with screw terminals. Made in USA. • Rating: 20A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC, ¾" HP 125 - 250VAC • DPDT • Mounting Hole: .50in.

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P-H514Switch - Fender®, Toggle, SPST, Standby, Solder Lugs

Original Fender®, Carling SPST power for Fender tube amps - 3A, 250VAC; 6A, 125VAC, ½" mounting hole.

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P-H531Switch - Carling, Toggle, SPST, Momentary, Normally Open

Carling, SPST toggle, momentary off-(on), normally open. 3A 250V, 6A 125V. Made in Mexico.

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P-H563Switch - Carling, Mini Rocker, SPST, 16A, 125VAC, On-Off

Carling miniature rocker switch, SPST with .25" tabs (On - Off labeled). 0.48" x 1.072" mounting hole diameter, 16A, 125 VAC

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P-H521Switch - Carling, Toggle, DPDT, 3 Position, On-Off-On, Terminals

Carling, 3 position DPDT toggle switch (on-off-on) with screw terminals.

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P-H532Switch - Carling, Toggle, SPST, Momentary, Normally Closed

Carling, SPST toggle, momentary on-(off), normally closed. 3A 250V, 6A 125V. Made in Mexico.

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P-SW58Switch - Fender®, Button, Black

Black plastic button for push switch. Used on Fender® amps.

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S-HM301Switch - Marshall, Toggle, DPST, Chrome Tip

Marshall toggle switch, latching 2 position DPST (ON-OFF). 15A 250VAC rating. Used for Mains and Standby switch in Marshall 1959SLP, 1987X, 2245 and others.

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W-SC-W12Switch - Switchcraft, Toggle, 3-way, for Les Paul

One of the most rugged and durable switches available for your Gibson Les Paul or similar two pickup guitars. Switchcraft switches are OEM equipment on Gibson and many other manufacturers and are chosen for their unmatched reliability.

  • Thread height: 0.34”
  • Fits .50” mounting hole
  • Compatible with .875” control cavity depth
  • #8-32 switch tip threading
  • Includes 15/32" x 32 thread recessed knurled nut
  • Pre tinned lugs for ease of soldering during installation
  • Switch cap sold separately


  • Contact Ratings: Fine silver contacts rated at 3A, 300W maximum AC non-inductive load standard.

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