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P-H553Switch - Carling, Footswitch, SPST, Momentary, On-Off

Carling footswitch, SPST, momentary ON-(OFF) normally closed with solder lugs.

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P-H551Switch - Carling, Footswitch, SPST, Momentary, Off-On, Terminals

Carling, SPST footswitch, off-on, normally open with screw terminals.

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P-H533Switch - Carling, Toggle, DPDT, 2 Position, On-None-On, Short

Carling, DPDT 2 position toggle with solder lugs (6A, 125V), .50" toggle length (shorter bat). On-None-On (On-On). Dimensions:

  • Body Length (less solder lugs) = 0.984"
  • Body Depth (height) = 0.580"
  • Body Width = 0.528"
  • Toggle Length =.500"
  • Bushing Length = .465”

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(4 pages)
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