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S-W600-BWire - Push Back Cloth for Single Coil Pickup, Black
Black vintage style push back wire for building or repairing single coil pickups. Push back style eliminates the need for stripping.
  • Diameter: 0.07"
  • Length: 12"
  • Sold individually
  • $1.25
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    S-T258Caliper - Digital, for Luthiers
    Electronic Digital Caliper. Uses one silver oxide battery 1.55V, type SR44 (included). LCD can be switched to display measurements in mm or inches.
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    S-CSS1140Lectricare Music Electronics - Sound Synergies
    Multiple Options Available

    Sound Synergies LECTRICare® Music Electronics Conductive Copolymer. A New Model for Electronic Music Gear Care To deliver a dynamic, moving performance, modern musicians count on a host of electronic equipment–, effects units, amplifiers, speakers, mixing consoles, etc. But with electronics’ potential power comes a lot of potential problems. Most of us have had the misfortune of either playing or attending a concert marred by technical difficulties. To help prevent drop-outs, distortion, power loss, and other glitches, LECTRICare® Music Electronics is a conditioning and lubricant formula that helps ensure that your backline gear is running at 100%.

    Starting at $10.35
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    S-CK-GM30Guitar Care Kit - Caig
    Caig Laboratories Guitar Care Kit.
    From the same company that brought you the phenomenal DeoxIt cleaner, a standard on every tech’s bench, comes the new Caig Guitar Care Kit.
    Exclusive to our site and featuring some of the highest quality cleaners and conditioners available, the Caig Labs Guitar Care Kit will help you clean and maintain your instrument to the high standards Caig Labs is known for.
    Kit Includes:
    (1) Spray bottle of Caig Labs Guitar Polish, 59mL.
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    S-M560Fish Paper - GC Electronics, fibroid, for insulation
    Vulcanized Cellulose Fiber for all electrical insulation. Gray insulating paper. .010" thick. used in switches, under terminals, in transformers, etc .where mechanical strength is required.
    Dielectric strength 3000 volts. 10" wide roll contains 240 sq. inches.
    You save: 20%
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    S-CS50WDeoxIT® Shield Wipes - Caig, 100% solution, 50 count
    Protects and lubricates electronic connections. Ideal for severe environments; humidity, salts, pllutants, sulfer, etc. Safe on plastics.
    • Cleaner Audio
    • Clearer Video
    • Reliable Data
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    S-F306Toner - Mohawk, Ultra Classic, Perfect Brown, 13 oz can
    Perfect Brown - A nice shade that is a great match for 1930s and 1940s sets. 13oz.
    Cannot ship by Air or Mail. Must ship UPS ground.
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    S-CK-G1W-50Wipes - Caig, DeoxIT Gold, package of 50
    Improve & Protect - New system performance on gold surfaces! Clearer video, cleaner audio, reliable data. Chemically improves and protects metal connections & contacts.
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    S-TMT1Tip - Weller, Replacement for SP23 and SP23D
    MT1 - 0.031" / 0.8 mm Conical Tip For Weller SP23 / SP25 Series Irons. Package of 2
    • Consumer tip series from Weller
    • MT series tips are plated with Electroless Nickel for ease of wetting during soldering
    • 10/24" Thread in tips for SP23 / SP25 series soldering irons
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    S-W150Speaker Connectors - Twisted Wire, Pair
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    (22 pages)
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